I had a pretty fun NYE, which I thought I'd share with you guys. It's not even my most successful night out but it was probably the first time that I felt I was in control of all the interactions and knew what I was doing the whole time rather than just hoping to get lucky.
This is a pretty long post because it was a long night and I work on building storytelling skills, so bear with me and I hope you'll find it an entertaining read.

Ok so first I provide some background for context as usual and second of all I haven't been to one of these "underground" type of raves in about 5 years or so and I felt as though I outgrew this sort of thing long ago. I had a pretty fun night because I just wanted to enjoy myself, have a good NYE and meet some new people (especially females). The overall experience though has definitely reinforced to me that I am way too much of an adult for this kind of sh1t.

The reason I was there is because I am friends with the event promoter, we have a long professional relationship and he has been asking me for a few years to come to one of his famous "SUNRISE NYE" events.
This year I agreed and the plan was for me to have a video camera and an access pass so that I could get some good footage for a project we'd discussed. I was there as a part of the crew.

The night got off to a shaky start before I even got there with the cops threatening to shut down the event and that video camera was back at his office.

So here I was with just my personal still camera and freedom to basically go and do whatever I want within reason of course. Being whatís knows as an "all ages" event there was total ban on alcohol or drugs in the venue. The gate staff did an excellent job of keeping booze out but drugs are much easier to conceal you know but this event was pretty tame compared to what was happening 5-10 years ago in the scene. I even felt a little lame for being there at times.

However I was determined to have a good time and that I did. My original plan was to use the video camera and pass as an instant opener and basically just go around opening all kind of sets that way. I didn't need anyway however without the video camera I was kind of moving back to square 1 plus a new challenge was emerging, the smaller than expected crowd was highlighting the lack of 18+ targets. The age of consent here is 16 but no one wants to go there I mean really, right? I've got my own standards too and I didn't want to be the guy macking on the jailbait. I decided the best thing to do was to find out exactly what size the potential pool of targets was...

So I went and did my thing, opening sets, using the failed video camera as a disqualifier/DHV story, engaging in sincere conversation but also guiding convos to gather intel and then moving sooner or later based on how interesting or interested there were.

Using this strategy I was move around the venue and scope for legitimate targets and check for potential challengers. My method of dealing with them was simple, and effective. AMOG everyone.
The results were enough for me to look back on it and say "yeah that was a pretty successful night as far as my PUA game is concerned.

I got a double kiss on the cheeks from a trio of borderline jailbate who followed me around for a while.

# Number Close from a 7 girl who was reciprocating kino but also sending mixed messages when it came to IOI's. I think there was something going on with her drunk Irish friend who almost wasn't even allowed inside the venue.
There was an 8 on the bouncing castle (no sh1t bouncing castle) who was ok with some low level kino but when I opened my mouth the Bitch Shield slammed in my face.
Whatever I'm pretty comfy here so I think I'll just chillax take some happy snaps and be happy. This is my spot. After 5-10 minutes more of her sitting really close to me in a conversation where no one cares about the question or the answer she gets off the bouncing castle and moves away with her friend.

Me = Win

Her = Fail

Later in another area
Mostly I just walked around talking to people and taking photos and dancing, I think itís easier for girls send approach IOIís by the way they dance.
Another 7 with a more fun personality and who was loving the IOI's especially my camera. There was a point where I was sitting down in a good spot trying to get a mix of crowd and lighting/set shots but every direction I moved the camera she would dance right in from of it in time to get photographed. This became a fun little game where we both know what was going on and it came to the point where she was posing for me as I directed her. After this she sat down close next to me and I had my arm around her lower back while she drink some water. Before I could escalate far her friends came along and dragged her away. I was cool, later.

The set up was pretty cool as usual for this guy with hi-tech lights, projectors and lasers I got some good shots of those. The video camera would have been cool but it didnít stop me from enjoying myself and having an interesting and fun night.