Hello everybody.

I want to begin this weirdly LONG post saying that I've discovered pickup artist quite recently.
Yesterday, to be precise. Totaly randomly. And it is changing the view of my past life and shaping my present life itself as I write this down. And I will explain you, even if you are not interested in it. I dont know if you'll read it all, but there is going to be a freaking twist ending to this story... Lol... So let's start.

I am an Italian. I'm 30 years old now, I've been living in Italy for 29 of this 30 years.
I've always been a freaking AFC through all my puberty. Never kissed a girl. Never speaking to them. Very awkward interaction, and all the usual sh1t.

Then I went to university in Bologna, I had some adventures there, but still I was not fulfilled by what I was doing, above all with girls. There was a barrier, a freaking huge ineffable barrier I couldnt explain, that was between me and an ideal "being happy" situation. Why I cant get nice girls? Why I get refused so much? What can I do?

I really start putting myself in a regimen of serious improvement. I did gymnastic for a couple of years (you know, ring, pommel horse, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, floor). Then gradually shifted to breakdancing for three years. And for one year private lessons of martial arts (Jeet Kune Do, MMA, Submission Grappling). Then I started Parkour, never really got any far, but still.
I started cooking all kind of recipies, watching weird vintage movies, listening to all kind of '60/'70 prog-rock music and all the sh1t a girl would consider valuable (I thought and I still think on some level). Valuable from a relationship point of view. Not certainly valuable as an approaching point of view.

BUT my freaking attitude versus social interaction with girl remained the same. Very awkward, very frustrated. In one word, a SUPER AFC.

Then I falled in love with a girl that was in my University. I started doing every kind of MISTAKE, one after an other. Like begging her to go out with me. Calling all the times. Going out in places I knew she was. Buying tickets for concerts and pushing her to come with me. Buying her super-nice gift for her birthday and all this kind of stupid sh1t you do when you're crazy for someone.

I got refused time after time. Needless to say, my mood was underground. I felt like I've never put so much work for a girl and I was getting so little, almost nothing from her.
Reading The Game would have improved me so much at this point of my life! If only I came across this stuff 5 years ago!

So, desperate, I decided to move to Greece for one year of university, under a program called Erasmus. To change air.
It was the best time of my life (so far!). It was my closest time to a PUA I've ever been.
Of course I made a HUGE amount of mistakes, above all in Kino Escalation, that is my weak point.
BUT I was appoaching EVERY girl on sight, going in, opening, smiling, learning, speaking, not afraid of seeming a fool. Mass did the difference. I approached hundreds of girls.
I got laid and laid and laid. I even score an HB8.5, a freaking hot Romanian girl, with witch I had a close purely sexual relationship that lasted for months (even if both me and her screwed around a little bit).
I have to say, my opener was always kind of weak, but I always spoke english with a weird accent. So the girls recognize I was a foreign in that country, I couldnt speak Greek and they were usually looking forward to help and speak. And I stimulate curiosity as well. They couldnt help helping me!
An other opener was "pretending" to read some greek stuff and then ask the girl the meaning of some greek word. That was a slightly stronger opener for some of my best laid, because immediately brings the discussion to "where are you from?" and bla bla bla. And there are some school that teach Italian language in Greece. The girls student of Italian language very literally at my feet.
They wanted some piece of the action. They beg for it. They were throwing themselves at me.

After one year, when I came back to Bologna, I dont know why but I went back into my usual AFC routine. Maybe because I didnt had my "strong" openers anymore, maybe because my friend were looking at me weirdly if I made something "out of the line" of my character (or, what they thought it was my character).

Anyway, I also had few dates with that friend of mine I was in love with, and if I look at it now, I would have TOTALLY nailed her. I misinterpreted 3/4 IOI and I missed a Kino Escalation that was on a silver platter. I'm biting my nail right now.

I know, I know. A butload of BS. Bad for you, the story is not over.

I started playing poker online, it was 2006 or something, the game was not so popular, and it was full of fish. FULL of FREAKING FISHES.
So I started grinding 24/7. For the money. Going for the big bucks. And I hit big bucks. I made 200k just from the poker in 4 years. I was studing poker, playing poker, eating poker, drinking poker, and sadly, fucking poker and masturbating poker all day long.
I dont know how I did it, but I finished my degree in electronic engineering, even if I was constantly playing poker for the bucks.
Even when I started to work as an engineer in an italian firm for industrial automation, I played poker after work for 3 hours a day and 8/10 hours a day in the weekends.

All this indoor activities made me SO freaking rusty in the game. I basicly forgot everything I've learn in one year "On The Field" in Greece. I was a SUPER AFC AGAIN. With a very rich bank account, but a freaking AFC.
I didnt play ay sport in 4 years. I went out sporadicaly. There was the poker at home, waiting for me, that guaranteed me around 40$ an hour if played in the right mindset. Why going out if I can get rich?

Then a girl came in my life. A freaking Canadian HB8. I met her on the streets of Bologna. I was an AFC, so basicly my wingman made all the work with her cousin. I just had to go along with it, and once those girls were in my house, I made a kiss close that would have ashamed everyone that is reading this.
Shame on me. Maybe the worse kiss close in the world of PUA.
Mainly, she went to the washroom, and when she came back in the room i forced a kiss grabbing her head.
Anyway, I dont know how, but the kiss close worked.

Then we started some kind of relationship. She traveled a lot, I traveled as well.
It was a freaking long distace shit for the first year. It was not even a "relationship".
I took her virginity in a trip to London. We had sex several times in several cities of Europe and Canada every time we search for each other.

One day, one stupid freaking day, I thought... hey, this is the girl of my life.
I should move to Canada!

So I started applying for job in Canada. I am electronic engineer, and I've been working in industrial automation field for years now. I am not a super genius but the companies are looking forward people like me, above all if they can go to shitty places like steel furnaces plant, refineries, offshore oil platforms, and all the other sh1tty places where there are no women around in miles and miles.

So this bring us to this september 2010.
I moved to Canada, without asking her.
I started dating with this girl.
I started treating her like a freaking princess. What a mistake. What an idiot.
Too many gift, too many romantic stuff. Always agreed with her.
Always compliment her. TOO much good boy.
The sex was great, at least.
But we live apart from each other, 6 hours of car.
So it was a distance relationship anyway.

On the 15th of October she invited me at her house with her parents.
That was the first time I met her parents.
Two days before the "meeting the parents" day, she calls me and this just in "Hey, you know what happened?" and immediately I think she wants to withdrawn the meeting with her parents.
Instead, she said "I had sex with an other guy yesterday night".
Literaly delivered like that. Coldblooded. I couldnt believe it.
I went to meet her parents anyway, but from that day, of course, everything started to fall like a sandcastle in the sand when the see waves closer.
I didnt even wanted to lose her! What an idiot! I was in Canada, alone, lame like a freaking AFC, with only her on my side. So i tried to swallow the bitter mouthful and go on.

It ended up in the worse way possible, with my hearth shattered in a million pieces.
With me actually trying to win her back with gift and stuff and love declarations, in an escalating drama, whith her saying stuff like "I feel the need to have sex with other guys".
Try to win her back, right now I see it like the most ridiculous thing I ever done in my entire life!
She broke up with me on January 1st 2011.
I mean... who get dumped on NEW YEAR DAY??? Well, I know the answer now. Me.

Anyway, if you've read so far, I give you my compliments. That was a butload of personal sh1t.

Let's go to the conclusion.

The guy she cheated on me actually used the following opener with her "I think you've never been fucked by a real man!". At this point, I dont know how to react, but I really think the guy had some of the game inside his card. It is a kind of weak opener, but still. He managed to f-close my girlfriend in one day, two day before I met her parents. So he must have a brilliant midgame after-opener. I mainly got screwed by Mistery Game. Unreal.

On the other side.
Reading stuff about PUA really changed my view of seeing things. I am seeing all the mistakes I've done in the past when approaching and when I didnt kino escalating etcetera etcetera.
I would have slept with ten times more girl by now. I'm not kidding.
I wouldnt have move to Canada only because an HB8 was there for me.
Canada is a nice place anyway. I'm not complaining.

And, above all, I DONT WANT A MERELY HB8.
I DESERVE AN HB10+. This is my goal.
I can deliver an HB10+, starting from today.
The road will be long and I dont know WHERE will I end up in the world, and how.
But I will have my HB10, no matter what.

Even considering that the Canadian HB8 gave me a couple of red flags immediately when we started our relationship. I basicly made out with her the first night when she was in a relationship with an other guy.
And the second time we've seen each other, she was in a relationship with a different guy.
I always thought "I'm different from all the other guy she had. I took her virginity".
Sadly, it was not true. I am just an other guy to cheat on when she find someone with a better game.

Anyway, I want to leave you with this.

Starting today, I'm going to read and apply the PUA rules exactly as when I was in Greece, with the difference that now I can improve MUCH faster with my game.

And I will screw my ex-girlfriend "one" more time, bringing her the BEST freaking game she ever seen.

And then I'm going to start the search for my freaking HB10+

Good luck to me!