This is my first field report. This is my second post. I'm reading "the game" for the first time and am just getting into this whole thing. I think that this lifestyle offers a lot of freedom to choose the reality that I want. Here goes...

Ok I met this girl at a party, and it turns out that I had a biology lab with her a few semesters ago and she still remembered me. She and I talked for a bit; my friend and I were kind of battling over her; I got her number. I texted her for a bit, texts that were too verbose (wordy), ended up making plans, a week later, to meet up--get a bite and drinks. I texted her at like 7 to see what was up. She called me back and said she had already gotten a bite with her friend. I told her that I didn't want to take her out anymore and that it was rather disrespectful of her and just not nice. She apologized. I didn't text her after that.

On new years, she was at the same party I was, she came up, shook my hand and said hello. I was with another girl that night so I really couldn't do anything about it, plus I was still just like what-ever about her; she disrespected me.

Last night we ended up at the same party. I had just gotten into the this whole PUA-thing. Well I decided I might as well try some of the stuff. So, and it wasn't a lot of work, really. I kind of froze her out for a while, had fun rockin' (there were bands), and all the while people kept coming up to me saying hello, including my really good looking friend. It was kind of like social proof on hyperdrive (I am pretty popular in my group). She, and her group, kept close by me for quite some time. So later I got into a conversation with her--she asked me if I was having a good time and whatnot. So I grabbed her hand, she squeezed mine, which I took to be an ioi, and then I lead her to a stairwell, where she apologized profusely for flaking out on me. Then I asked her for a kiss. I don't know what she said but I gave her one anyway. She kissed back for a minute, then called me an asshole. I must have said something wrong. But I don't recall what that was.

Today I sent her a text: "Personally, I think yur intimidate by me ; ) or maybe yur not into adventure and fun. Either way yur face is cute, it reminds me of a dolphin's."

I am not at all confident that this was the right thing to do. This is my first one of these adventures so please critique. Should I have gotten more IOI's first, or did I misread her? anything else?