I thought I would just share a story about myself that happened a few nights ago.

I have been trying out new routines recently and this one was something that I have always wanted to do.

I was in Penthouse a club in Southampton and there was this girl who was at least a HB8 great eyes though, and one of my friends said to me that she kept staring at me. So I decided to try this out I turned round and just stared at her. Every so often she would keep staring back then look away quickly. Eventually after say 30 seconds she kept eye contact with me so i smiled and just turned around after 3 seconds, this time it was me breaking the eye contact. I felt this created social proof and shows that I had better things to do than keep eye contact with her.

a few seconds later i felt a tap on the shoulder and a hand in mine with a scrunched up piece of paper. and she whispered 'call me' and walked off.

So i managed to get a umber close without actually speaking to the HB. this may have been something she wanted to do all along but it must have been something I did to attract her in the first place!

Hope all going well with everyone else!