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    Arrow First Ever Sarge - Field Report

    This is my first field report.

    I've known about PU for three years and have been pro-actively developing my skillset for just over a week. I am currently studying Magic Bullets, The Juggler Method, and RSD Foundations.

    You can read my introduction here:


    I went out on my first sarge last Saturday. My goal within two weeks is to approach in bars without any alcohol, last Saturday I was drinking.

    I entered the venue, walked to the bar and immediately got eye contact with a hot brunette sitting with her friend. I held her gaze for just over a second and didn't do anything about it.

    I order a gin and tonic and chat with some guys I know. There aren't that many targets around but I'm having a good time. After a few more GTs I open my first set with an opinion opener.

    My Very First Set as a PUA

    One girl was a curvy blonde HB8 and the other was a tall dark HB9; they were both Russian... from Moscow. I generally don't enjoy talking with Russians as they can come across as very insular but the blonde HB8 was actually very cool. She was fun, creative, engaging, and spoke excellent English. The HB9 was a typical Russian ice queen.

    I now know that I should have transitioned from opening a lot quicker. We chatted for a few minutes about what my friend who's just found out the identity of his secret email admirer should do. She offered an emotionally and logically balanced opinion and I liked that. She got a high-five.

    I ran the mind-reading routine and the best friends test, and they went down well - we were engaging. (I will gradually use less and less canned material but for now it has its place. I totally view routines as training wheels.)

    I was cocky-funny throughout and got the girls to thumb war each other with the winner's prize being buying me a drink. They questioned the prize and played anyway. When the winner refused to buy me a drink I drank hers.

    After about 15-20 minutes I ejected. This wasn't a conscious move to advance the game but more of a wuss-out. I was pretty drunk by that point and I heard the words 'Okay, I'm off...' come out of my mouth and so I was.

    I did feel like there was a significant amount of attraction generated and I felt pretty sure if I saw them again I could close the HB8 unless she'd hooked up with someone else by then. They were here for another twelve days.

    [I've since seen them again and Day 2'd them. Reports to follow.]

    Han Solo and the Slag

    I had another drink and opened a 3-set with something random. By now I'd had enough GTs that approaching was no problem. The girls laughed at how random it was and we got chatting. Again I ran the mind reading and it went down well.

    Cocky-funny is a dangerous game to play when you're anything more than tipsy. Needless to say, my calibration was off. I got away with it for a good ten minutes and was generating IoIs from my blonde HB8 target, then I completely ballsed it up by being obnoxious as a result of having drunk too much.

    I put a cigarette in my mouth (she was smoking too) and she flirtatiously slapped it out, to which I playfully replied and with a grin 'You slag!' and yeah... she didn't like that, lol.

    Too drunk to sarge.

    I should have gone into the little sister routine after she slapped the fag out of my mouth. And anyway I shouldn't have called her a slag, even if I thought she would laugh it off playfully.

    There was an immediate shift in energy and she basically tells me where to go. I'm thinking to myself 'sh1t, I overstepped the mark and I'm really sorry to have offended her' but hold my frame with the Han Solo line 'I must have hit it pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh?'

    Her frame is stronger and I mentally eject. I felt bad, and it's not my intention to offend people. The sarge was over so I verbally apologized, sincerly, and got them some drinks as a genuine gesture (no real biggie for me... drinks are free). We chatted a little more and then I left.

    I then went to another venue and by this time I was more on a night out on the piss than sarging but I do remember this guy asking me if I was trying to pick up his girlfriend, to which I replied that I was and the day guys stop trying to pick her up is the day he should start to worry. He agreed and we all got along.

    I've got three more field reports to write from the past week, including a Day 2 with the Russian girls. I'll post them when I get round to it.

    DEBRIEF, Sarge 1

    What went well?

    1. I began.
    2. I made my first two approaches and handled my first rejection.
    3. I brought a good energy into the sets I opened and received multiple IoIs from both targets.
    4. My cocky-funny was good at times, like when I drank my targets drink after her not buying me one.
    5. I learnt a ton.

    What didn't go well?

    1. I didn't approach after making eye contact with the girl across the bar.
    2. I drank to the extent that it was counter-productive.
    3. Sometimes my use of cocky-funny was off.
    4. I voluntarily ejected from the first set.

    What did I learn?

    1. Girls want to be talked to and they're very friendly.
    2. That after being rejected I have not died.
    3. Seven gin and tonics is too much alcohol for effective game.

    Knowing what I know now, if I was in the same situation what would I do differently?

    1. Run the little sister routine after having the cigarette slapped from my mouth.
    2. Drink a lot less.
    3. Stay engaged in the first set. Saying something is better than saying nothing.
    4. Approach the girl across the bar.

    Things to work on for the next sarge:

    1. Add push/pull
    2. Quicker transitions
    3. Open more sets
    4. Storytelling



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    Default Re: First Ever Sarge - Field Report

    Maybe yu should try to game when your not drunk? Maybe get her to have some drinks with you so you guys can get drunk together or something

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    Default Re: First Ever Sarge - Field Report

    Right. I'm going out sarging tonight and tomorrow, and I won't be drinking at all.

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