I'll let you guys know right now, I didn't pull on Friday. So i'll cut friday's report down to a paragraph. Saturday was a different story though.

Friday, I met my good friend and ultra-cockblock Clement out in-field. He doesn't do pick and no he's not a natural but he does have a delusional sense of coolness and doesn't care what people think of him. That's why I hang out with him, because he's fun. That being said, he will fuck your sets up to end if you don't watch out. If you're in set and your hooking, clement has a huge tendency to come up and start yapping and jumping in front of you, especially on the dance floor. So while I got a few numbers and set up a few dates for this week I wasn't able to pull. Part of it was Clement's ability to cockblock in almost any situation and the other was my state. After a few hooks and fuck up's because of it, my state went down and it was hard to get back up. I eventually picked it up and continued to open. Some very hard sets too. I wasn't happy with this night. I vowed to make it up the next night.

Saturday was a different night out, I told clement I wasn't going out, LOL. Mulcahy's Wantaugh! Went in just wanting to kill it, have a tremendous amount of fun, and spread my bubble of love. I did exactly that. I had one of my wings pick some of my sets. Stealth, he just pointed to any girls and I went in, no questions asked. Some of the meetup guys here winged me and thank you, you did your jobs great. After a few sets I ran into one hell of a hard set. This girl wouldn't give me anything back and I started to just get bored. Story after story, jokes, games, even dug deep and did some old psych shit, i got nothing. She was a short brunette at the 1st bar. Great features, very cute. So i called her out on it. "what's you're problem, I've been nothing but nice and you've done nothing but blow me off like a fat chick at the end of bar" she replies, "nope you're great".
Me: Ok what the problem then
Her: nothing, i just don't understand why you're so attractive
Me: wait a minute are you telling me you're actually un-attracted to the fact that i'm so attractive
Her: yeah, is that wierd, i just don't get why you and your friend are so cool, its weird, do you do this a lot? why do you know so much cool stuff
****This is where I take out my phone tell her i'm going to record what i say next and show her that im recording it***
Me: you got me, secretly im the worlds greatest pick up artist and i go around the world teaching men how to get women into bed.( I then go into detail about it and talk about it with her for a few minutes, its all recorded if anyone wants to hear it).

So eventually i just said i'm going to turn this into a wing set, got a number and quick kiss but that set just became frustrating. Her friend told me she had a boyfriend but i didn't care and she wouldn't admit it. This is set if it was filmed, would have been the perfect instance of it not being your fault for not pulling or escalating, when you can do everything right and nothing happens. Because sometimes it's not you, it's her.

A few set or two pass, I walk around, dance a little, have some fun. State is back up, then go outside. A very short blonde, walks behind me. I LOVE short women and glasses, I LOVE glasses. She dropped a cigarette behind me while walking outside. All I did, and here's my magical opener that will work every single time, [insert sarcasm here] "hey do you still want to smoke this, that would be pretty nasty"

And the chase begins, flirty and fun. We didn't talk about much really, no games, no routines, no psychology, nothing. I really narrowed down our conversation to, "You're sexy I'm taking you home", "I'm going to be your fuck toy tonight", "where's your friend lets leave". Add a few ordinary topics like, where are you from, who drove, how you getting back, what do you do and that's it. She had to leave and grab her friend, I already had the number so i didn't care that I had to find her again. I go and chill with my friends, dance a little, and then I get a text, "Come to the first bar, i have a shot for you". And she did. Stealth wings me on it and takes care of her friend. We do the shot and tell her she's coming back to Stealth's place for food. Lets grab the jackets and bounce. Both girls come with us. We packed 7 of us in a Honda Civic. 5 Guys (the 5 i came with) and the 2 girls we just pulled. Man that was cramped and pretty funny.

We get back to Stealth's place and I immediately go to the bedroom. Shadow takes the other back to his place for "the food" we didn't hear back from him for a good half hour when they should have been back in 6 minutes.

And that's the end of night, ending around 6am when the girls called themselves a cab. $12 and no i didn't pay for it.