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    Default Owe You Money FR 5 & 6

    his last week I was filled with dates. I went absolutely absurd with day 2's. Starbucks and Unique Fitness are totally my new best friends. I never pick up at the gym, 95% because I go there to workout and not pick up. I'm focused on what I'm doing and nothing else. Although lately I've been hanging around after and chilling in the lobby. Turns out to be a killer place to meet women.

    Friday was alright, I really just had time to hit Millers, got out at 2am and then called it a night. My wings headed down to RVC after. Millers was great as usual tons of pretty women, low volume music and cheap drinks. To be honest though, I winged some of my friends and they did great, but I met some of the most stuck up bitchy women you could ever imagine. Like it was "is that your best pick up line" friday. Did I ask her for her numer? Nope. Did I go for a makeout? Nada. All the girls that told me to stop talking to them, I was there only to wing. (This happened twice) One bitch was seriously fat too. Like really, do you really ever have guys even talk to you. Well after winging a twice, I see this gorgeous girl to my left, I look at my wing John and tell him, "yes". That's all I said, "yes". This girl is 5'5 dark brown hair, italian, small nose, and kick ass hourglass body. I walk up and tell her, her bag is bonkers. She goes, "no, it's coach". And the fun begins. I do a little Push Pull but when I grab her hand, I notice that rock sitting on her left ring finger. Bam! someones engaged. Do I stop? Hell No! I keep pushing, less direct but more playful. 15 minutes in she tells me she wants to hook me up with her sister(my sunday date). He sister is 19, wild and looks just like her. Yea I'm totally down, I get her phone number and make plans for later.

    Saturday started off like shit, house party, sucked dick. So we went to Glo. Glo sucked dick. So we went to Mul's Wantaugh. Was packed. Yes let's do this. Got there around 1am and started off slow, for the next hour I was hooked on a 30 something year old blonde. The only thing I told this woman was "I want to fuck you", "I want to tickle your belly button...from the inside", "I'm going to bang you from behind for 5 hours". I literally said other things, but this was pretty much what I repeated to her over and over again. Got a number but I didn't care. I was just having fun with her, if I couldn't pull that night I didn't care at all. I started to get more aggressive lifting her shirt, grabbing her tits, licking her stomach. Pushing her into my friend Ronnie, and placing his hands on her ass and tits, squeezing his hands. She didn't even get upset, just gave the omg eyes and said, "hey, thats fresh". I decided that I wasn't going to pull, so my wing John, looks at me and asks me what's going on, I tell him, "all yours".

    I move on. I run a few more sets, but get separated from the pack. When you really needed some wings, I didn't have any. O well, not the first time I've gamed alone, got some numbers outside but numbers to me are like empty promises. I really don't give a shit. I head back inside and the DJ is playing the gayest, slow dance music you ever heard. This DJ sucked dick. They should fire his ass. But I made it work. I grab some wings and say slow dance, 8th grade time. Running up to the last few girls in the club, grabbing them and saying, "lets dance like its the 8th grade" Wow what a hook. Cute little short girl, dark hair and rectangular glasses. I love that. Can't get better with physical escalation. Music is getting low, easier to speak. But I'm running out of time. I take her to the bar. Not to get a drink, just to move her around. I'm trying to make it feel as much as possible like 10 minutes is an hour. Starting to work. I ask her to come outside with me. No go. Take another 5 minutes ask again, and we're golden. Pull for the night. And I am a very happy man.

    Recap for the weekend. Even though you're not gaming a girl, with some girls, your presence alone will make her think you're hitting on her. Some girls are just bitchy. Some girls will hook you up with their hot sister. What should anyone Take Away from this weekend. When you approach, seek the truth. Is she a bitch, will it work, what will happen? I don't know, and nobody else will either. You only learn the truth if you approach.

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    Cota Guest

    Default Re: Owe You Money FR 5 & 6

    Nice, I like the Recap part

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