Here goes a field report about a party on a rooftop I attented to a couple of weeks ago.

It was at a party being hosted by a friend, but when I got there I realized that there where 3 simultaneous parties going on, many men and few women. So I was there with my best wingman, and decided to pull the Rosenberg-Libedinsky approach, worked like magic, my friend told me that many girls where paying atention to our every move. Later on my mate started talking to a friend of his, so I decided it was time to act.

I spotted 2 girls in the act of looking for something in the corner where I had my drinks, so I had the home advantage, I walked up to them and said "Hey do you have Ice? (Knowing perfectly well that they didnt) and they said that they were looking for some too. BINGO, I quickly took control of the situation
"Come with me girls, we are on an ice searching mission" (real confident), I spot the host of the party and ask for the keys (Social Proof), he hands them to me. We go down into the apartment (where I was hoping to Isolate my 2 targets) only to find a girl taking care of a vomit-victim, bust, I take them upstairs, isolate one of the girls, kiss her, pause, ask her if she likes music (who doesnt) and kiss her again before she could respond. She says of course, I tell her that we can go listen to some music right now, take her to my flat (3 blocks away thank god) and here is where I start making mistakes:
Mistake numero 1: The moment I take her into my room I shove her into my bed (I had to do more romance first)
Mistake numero 2: I turn on a red light I have in my room (same reason as before)
I start kissing her and wondering if I should do the "We are going to fast routine" but figure that we would go all the way no questions asked. She says she has something to tell me, here comes the good part, she tells me that at the party she noticed me and thinks im really cute but at the same time she feels im inaproachable (the rosenberg-libedinsky effect). I say cool and continue with forplay, but WHAM she stops and says "we are going to fast" I Knew I should have done it to her first. In a last-minute-tactic I tell her to scream cause no one will hear her, she screams as we continue forplay but then enters rational mode again and its game over for me.