So the challenge concludes, 1 month, must pull twice per week. Did I do it every week... nope, some weeks I just pulled once. But for only going out two only once three times per week not effin bad. So one month, going out 9 times to sarge. Pulled 7 girls.

Out of those 7
3 will probably never speak to me again, ask me later what I did, and how I got caught.
2 went into mega-attachment and wanted a relationship (if this was another year in the future I'd consider it)
2 became fuck buddies

I'm pretty happy with the results.

What what about my last two days in field?

Thurday I got completely trashed at the nutty irishman. It was a last minute decision and didn't even expect to going out that night. I really don't even want to get into the details of the rare drunken "go fuck yourself" to everybody, I'll pee on your shoes and eat your children like mike tyson night out.

Friday- I had to cancel my plans for going to huntington. I had a great aunt that passed away. Off to the funeral home I go, where my extended family is being the douche bag stuck up asswipes they usually are. Not all my extended cousins (most of) are really cool. I even get introduced to some of my (all girl)cousins girlfriends who are super hot. So I did what anyone who has watched the wedding crashers before would do. I went, Will Ferrell on their asses. I didn't even know my great aunt, I met her like 5 times my entire life. Felt kinda bad to act like a chode bitch but all the girl seemed to want to "help me". This was just diabolic, I'm sitting their sulking like a 8 year old that was just told the WB cancelled Poke'mon and hitting on my cousins girlfriends. Oh well, Game on! Got three numbers, and even contemplated heading over to the coat room, but I just couldn't find it in myself to push it that far. Maybe next

Satuday afternoon, date time with Emily, girl from funeral home, Dave and Buster's. Went great from the start. Emily is 5'5 and a gymnast teacher in farmingdale. I'm excited. Now my family knows I'm going out with her, and all of them are happy, it was like they actually excepted it, but warned me not to do anything I usually do. (i not only have a rep with my old college buddies but with my family- im an open person) "She's a good girl" I heard that tons of times. Yeah right, by the end of the night, I'm parked with her in the back seat of my 2004 red chevy blazer at the end of the parking lot between home depot and D&B with my so far down the back of her pants I could touch her belly button.

Saturday Night, was ok, Mul's. To be honest wan't in the mood. Just wanted to hang out. Saw a few girls there that I either pulled or number closed and didn't want to have to either deal with bull shit or game harder. I did how ever have an interview with brad jackson of puma skills. He taught me some really cool pick up magic and since I love magic the 3 number closes I got that night were more fun for me than her. So everyone knows, I spent at most 20 minutes watching the tutorials of 5-6 different routines, didn't practice and still pulled them off each time at the club. I text each girl 10-30 minutes after they leave(part of the routine) and BOOM super attraction, I swear. I didn't pull that night but I had my choosing of which of three I wanted to go on a Day 2 with. I chose this super hot dark haired half greek half italian girl with a body to die for. She was wearing this black shirt/dress I don't know what you would call it, it was made of lace or something. At first she told me she had a boyfriend, but after some playful talking and tah-dah a little magic trick, I never heard the word again.

Monday night was the date, it went well, I actually did a first date flaw, "Movie" we saw the fighter with mark walhberg, I didn't think it was going so great until I dropped her off and she asked me if I wanted to come in for a minute. "I jumped out of car said yes and speed walked to the door, almost left her in the car.