The ladies were dressed to kill, the scent of alcohol permeated in the air and I was ready to lay some lumber!


But that didn't happen.

Instead I met a couple of horny women who were DTF from the get go but they didn't meet my standards...

Should I lower my standards or strive to stand by them, but make it difficult to conquer the punani?

My basic standards:
1) Can speak fluent English
2) Does not smoke

Cutting to the chase...

After a long night roaming around Hyde Club and saving up mental images for the wank bank, a friend and I entered Beijing.

Beijing Club is a posh place and it played into my favor b/c the chinese to foreigner ratio was 50 to 1. I was a rare gem in a sea of homogeneity.

I felt like I would have a great time, perhaps this Mindset contributed to my greater success here. Believing that this venue was the shit and I am going to have a great time!

I opened a few sets and I wasn't blown out by any (since starting night game the worst "blowouts" I've had were girls walking away from me, which isn't bad, and mostly they even excuse themselves before leaving. Well-mannered.).

I open an HB from the bar with "Are you Korean", I thought she was, so I asked. Being genuine. She asked me why I thought such, I referred to her makeup being better applied than most HK girls.

I started conversing in Cantonese and it was all good, they loved that I could speak it. She was being a bit obnoxious at times, screaming at me for things that I misheard and reiterated, to her embarrassment , incorrectly. For instance, I heard "hooker" while she said "tutor" :S

I mockingly screamed that back at her. Which made everyone laugh.

She introduced me to her friend, HbWitch, who was in to me immediately, I talked to her about many things but she mainly talked about herself. That she could see ghosts, I asked her if she could see any now and she said yes.

She said she helped people breakoff the curses placed on them. This was downright freaky. (My friend asked me later whether this was a shit test, I'm not sure, it didn't seem like it).

We were in a conversation and she said "..c'mon the reason you're in a club is b/c you're single" I didn't have anything planned for this and said "...I guess you are too". SHE asked for my number, which is something I've rarely encountered before, I just gave it.

Should've put up some resistance, haha, make her pass a test? Not doing that makes me feel low value in that situation.

I left soon after, I didn't like her that much, I liked her friend! but I thought it'd be weird if after talking to her I'd go and game her friend.

I've been kinoing moreso than previously and more consciously HOWEVER still a bit shy haha, for now