I've been fantasising about hooking up with a bigger girl for years now and let it so be happening that a few hours ago, some girl who IS a big was talking to me on chat about getting it on tonight...

She invited me to her place, when arrived we sat on the couch and she was watching some lame MTV show I never saw before... I tolld her I couldn't make it late and needed to get back home in one hour. She was kinda upset about that but, I didn't care. I took the remote control and turned on South Park and just started watching while she was getting me a drink.

Before I came to her place she chatted that this was gonna be some kind of theory exam before I get any real action, so I was like ok, cool, I'll just sit on this couch and watch South Park untill she says anything.

While I sat there with her next to me, she started to touch my hands while saying "wow, those aren't that big huh, look how small mine are compared to yours though... my sister always tells me that my hands are to small to please a man..." and rubbing my face which was unshaven with the remark that it didn't felt nice, I tolld her "well this is my body, I like it! Makes me feel like a cowboy!"

She was giving me ioi's like crazy. Eventually she shouted "WELL, this aint no fun! I expected more of this, instead you are just watching south park"

Which I replied, "well, I still got an half hour to go so...", I started to kiss her and lick her nipples...

She was getting turned on, and with the more kisses and licks I gave to her while fingering, the less clothes we both had left untill I dragged her into her bedroom.

I started to lick those beautiful boobs with remarks as "wow, these are fun!" trying to keep the spirits up there.

We where fully naked and she asked me if I had a condom, which I quickly got out of my pants which was laying on the floor.

I let her jerk me off first before putting it on, and after that I went on her and pounded her crazy.. She was screaming for more and asking me if I really had to be home at 23.00 p.m. but, when I eventually came, I stood up and threw my condom away in the garbage can.

I got back to the bed when she asked if I had more condoms, which I kindly replied with a "no". She said "well I got some more.."

She started to jerk me off but I wasn't in the mood for anything more, so my drill sergeant was kinda out of order... she was upset about it, because she wanted some more which I didn't provide for her...

We stood up, getting dressed again and right back to the couch to get me another drink.

I wasn't paying any more attention to her, because to be honest, this was gonna be a one time thing. Didn't feel anything more attractive about her after we had sex. So I just watched californication which just started.

When the commercial break began, she watched on her phone and said "it's 22.57 p.m., you don't wanna get late home do you? Since you have to be back at 23.00 p.m. which you said earlier..." I replied "you are absolutely right! Well, it's been fun, I'll talk to you later" kissed her on the cheeks and just went straight to my car.

It was an absolute disaster, but hey, atleast I can scratch my "Do a Big Girl" from my things to do list.

Kind Regards,