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    Smile Cat - String Theory Works

    I opened a 3 set of 8 HB's on the weekend with an indirect over the shoulder. I was smiling and friendly but was snubbed harshly by one of the girls. I laughed at the set and just simply rocked my body away from them.

    Immediately, I was freaking out because I normally get tossed up if a girl shuts me down so hard, but I held my ground and continued in conversation with my friends.

    Later that night, I engaged a 2 set and was leading them around the bar. We were Kino escalating and they were interested in my wing and I.

    Without warning, I received a tap on the shoulder. It was the 8 HB who had snubbed me earlier. From one foot away said, "I'm sorry we acted that way before, we just couldn't hear you."

    Deer-in-the-headlights wtf???!! I snubbed HER and SHE apologized to ME?

    Amazing. Amazing.

    Also, it was my 2nd night trying the Mystery Method. I did not abandon the set was engaging, but instead danced with one of the girls for a quick minute, then led her to a pedestal dancing platforms where we busted a move for a quick second. Then I isolated and performed a "trust test".

    On a scale of 1 to 10 she was a 4 for kissing, but was smiling when I left and so was I. These methods work!

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    Default Re: Cat - String Theory Works

    personally like the "new" venusian arts model (mystery's new gig), or the magic bullets model (the evolution of mystery method by his old company, with its own innovations since they parted ways).

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