Most of this happened during the day so maybe it can count as day game even though much of the environment was more like a club or concert really but I went to this pretty big festival today (Some of the main acts included Mark Ronson and his band, Dizzee Rascal, Pendulum, Chemical Brothers so you know it was pretty big) I think the crowd was something more than 20 000.

Here is a pic I took to give you an idea of the scale and thats just one area.

Anyway I had a good time but I still felt a little down going home alone after being surrounded by so many attractive and available girls all day. Don't get me wrong I was out there doing my thing and I got quite a bit of attention from some very hot girls. Two girls even started Kino-ing me while we we talking and that led to stuff like me putting my arms around their waists and then pulling them in closer to me when I could tell they were ok with that, one of them a very hot blonde was literally putting her mouth in a sensual way on my ear as she talked to me. When she mentioned her boyfriend I replied by asking if he was there at the festival, "no", so I said "Then why are we even talking about him?" That got a laugh and we talked for a couple more minutes but after a while she said she had to go and really I didn't know what to do. The same sort of thing happened with another girl a couple of hours later. Kino and body language was very close but when she said she had to go to her friends I didn't know how to say to her that staying with me would have been a better option.

I think this is a big sticking point for me at the moment. I have no problem with approaching, actually I enjoy it. I feel that I am getting quite good at flirting and building attraction but then when it comes to escalating I seem to bomb much more often than not.

I still count this as a great day because I had an awesome time overall but there is just that one aspect which left me feeling not so great.