Hey guys.
Was introduced to the game via the tv a few years ago, went on to read the game, mystery method, and stacks of videos from style and everyone else.
The thing is, I was more interested in finding out about the human condition more than anything else, and the first few times I tried it I had varied results. And the bad ones were very very bad haha.
But I've actually sortve come up with my own game now. And I think that's the point isn't it. I mean, I don't open, transition, dhv, neg or anything. I just assume in my mind that any girl who is in my presence is pretty much the luckiest girl in the room or whatever.
Cause while I'm not ticking the dhv or neg box off in my head, I am telling them that I'm really good looking.... Which is both of them at the same time.
I do however use heaps of canned material fo conversation starters. Always having something interesting to say is massively vital, then combined with a couple of Ross jefferies techniques such as putting my hand on my chest wen I'm talking about something positive and a coue of his routines works a treat.
But one thing I've kinda developed by myself and I think works real well are these 2 things.
1. If she negs you, act like u can't believe she couldve said such a thing wen all u have been is completely kind to her (you haven't)
2. If ur making out and sh1t is getting serious but can't f-close after the second time ur with her, just tell her that u don't think it's ever gonna happen, and that u think u both have entered friend zone. Obviously u have been explicit in what u want before this happens.

So yeah, just don't be needy. Be prepared to walk away, and do everything you shouldn't do. They will try to hate you, but if u plow through their weak sh1t tests by saying things like ur terrible at insulting u know that, there are 3 of u and 1 of me, and I'm still kicking all ur asses, then they realize straight away that ur kidding and have a good sense of humour.

Oh, only field tested on regular to hot girls say 6-8.5s which is where I play the game. Mind u, 8.farking 5s are absolutely smashing and should not be sneezed at... But I don't know how it would go on 9s and 10s.... Probably bad cause with me I'd rather set the frame real early as I'm the dominate one and girls have to enter my reality, but I get blown out straight away some times. Like, I'll jet walk up to a girl and pick her drink off the bar, start drinking it while completely ignoring her and just being completely relaxed as I do it, as if she is my friend and it's my drink. Some girls hate it though, so watch out... But I prefer to know up front whether or not I am going to get compliance later on or whether she has a solid spine that I'll have to compete with. Not the best game, and I'll refine it over the years... But it is fun haha