At least that's what the letter always says when I'm in some kind of trouble legally or proffessionally(gent lemen). This is my first field report as an aspiring PUA. I'm more than halfway through The Game, which I understand is more a novel than a how to guide, it still opened my eyes to a whole new world. It's 8:39 in the morning and haven't slept yet. Still on a personal high of this whole new world. My one friend, a 'Tyler Durden' of sorts, just told me that I am too confident and cocky for who I am(overweight guy, handsome face, blue eyes best asset). Normally I would be insulted, but after reading 250 pages of Styles Memoires, he could tell the difference without me telling him what I was upto. I took that as a great compliment. He always was the cockblocker type. fark him. It's my turn now. Onto my first Field Report.

9:00PM Having drinks with friends(not cockblocker). A three set walks in from outside(1 Milf, HB8, HB9) and imediately like a switch, something came over me to approach them, and thinking of a youtube video I saw earlier that day of Mystery, I walked right up to them and asked

Me: "hey are the cops still outside"

Them "cops? what? Why did something happen"

Me: "Dude(neg) there were 2 chicks beatin the fark out of one chick, and the chick gettin her ass beat started fightin back and ripped the one chick's shirt and her boob like totally flopped out!"

Them: "Get the fark out! You're making this sh1t up!"

Me: "No I sh1t you not!"

Them: "so does it turn you on to watch girls fight eachother?"

Me "sh1t yeah! (at this point I had no clue what to do or say next. Still a farkkin newb so just wung it, and this is where it went south)

Them: That's disgusting. Getting your rocks off by watching women fight!

Me: (not knowing how to respond) "Ok let me ask you this. You are a pretty chick with a hot body. Tell me you never had two dudes fight over you?"

HB8: "No never"

Me: "Reeeaaalllyy?"

HB8: "Never"

Me: "So your're sayin that if two dudes were fightin over you it wouldn't turn you on in the slightest way??"

HB8: "No. Like I just said, that's disgusting!"

Stalemate. I had no idea how to counter and move forward. My buddies were looking at me in disbelief thinking 'what the fark is he doing?'

Me: "So what are you girls drinking?"

Them: "BEER"

Me: "Let me buy you ladies a round."

HB9: "No thanks, we can afford to buy our own drinks!"

Me: "Ok whatever"

I turned back toward my buddies and they were like "Dude! What the fark was that?! Did you get that from that farkin book that looks like a bible?!" "Yes. Yes I did." "It doesn't seem like it's workin that much. They farkin hate you! What does that farking book tell you to do now?" "I don't know. I haven't read the next chapter!" "Wow dude! I gotta give it to you, you got farkin balls!"

Not so epic failure.(I want to think of it as a major victory to tell you the truth.) I kinda knew it was a self destruct mission. I had no idea that I was going to get that much attention from these chicks. I never talked to anything above a HB6 before last night. Even though I didn't close on any of them in any way shape or form, it literally opened Pandora's box for me. I CAN talk to hot chicks like they are 6's or even regular dudes! Major eye opener!

Later on, I left my buddies and left to go home, but it was only midnight. Made a last minute decision to go to another bar. (100% of shots missed are the ones not taken). Saw a HB7 sitting by herself. Not really my type but would still totally bang her. Went over and talked to her. Can't recall the exact text because it wasn't scripted. I had enough confidence from reading Styles memoires and the 3set earlier that I was able to just be myself. I'm a funny person, even did a standup routine at a local talent show and kicked ass. I made her laugh and had a good time with her. I got a Number Close an hour later.

Came home, and my one buddy(cockblocker, until now) asked if I could bring some beer over. We hung out till 8 this morning drinking and laughing. Something I haven't done since my 20's. I'm 34. That's when he told me that I'm too self confident and cocky and that I need to tone it down a bit! I ate that sh1t up! I've NEVER been accused of that before! I think I'm going to like this new life'Style'


Two D's for the double dose of pimpness