I am who I am and I will not apologize for what I do. In other words I upheld an "unapologetic" state of mind.

This is in contrast to the "I don't give a FUCK" attitude, which is a reactionary Mindset that I used to have recently.

My goals for the day to be were completely outcome independent, to be unreactive and to uphold a rapport breaking tonality(BRT).

My accomplishments for the day were all the above plus taking greater risks(which lead to greater accomplishments). BOOYEAH!


I have picked the sets that I enjoyed and learnt from.

Bitch Set

Approach ladies outside 7/11.

3 HBs. See them, my hand on their shoulders (rotator cuff area).

TA: Hi, my name is TA (BRT) [Hand extended, 100% certainty that she'd take it]]

One of the HBs takes it, shakes hand.

Introduce myself to the rest of the group. One of them keeps texting another friend.

TA: You seem very active.

She laughs.

TA to HB Bitch: How old are you?

HB Bitch: Guess!

TA: 3 (BRT)

HB: WTF?! Guess again.

TA: 17. (BRT)

HB: Fuck You!!

TA: (Unreactive, look elsewhere ignore chick)

TA: I like x

HB bitch: I don't like x

TA: Fantastic, we can be friends we have nothing in common!

HB Bitch: No I don't think so, since we have nothing in common.

TA: (unreactive)

HB Bitch's face was red after she said Fuck You, but the odd thing was I sensed that she was attracted and pissed off at the same time.

W/e, they probably were chatted up by lots of guys and didn't like that and indirectly asked my friend and I to leave.

As long as she doesn't physically assault me I'm good.

Emo Set

Loved this set. One HB had a lip-piercing and the other had a tattoo on her tits.

I love lip-piercings on HBs.

I open the chick with the tattoo on her tit.

TA: Hi, I'm Francisco (BRT, 100% belief that I'm the shit!)

HB Tit tat: blah blah blah

Talk with both chicks, HB piercing tells me she pierced her lip by herself. I told her I like that.

My friend: Pointing to the tattoo on HB Tit Tat's tit asks a question about it.

I notice that HB Tit Tat doesn't like it so I blow it out of proportion.

TA: C'mon man, you shouldn't be pointing to the tattoo on her tit (that's what I said) in conservative old Chinaland). I mean would you like it if someone talked about your tit (he's a guy). [I grabbed his chest]

The chicks go wild even though I am amusing myself, not them.

TA: I mean man that's not a good thing, I would never grab a chicks tits that's not nice...(pause)...I'd rather grab her ASS!

HB piercing laughs hysterically.

TA: Talk to HB Tit Tat, say that HB piercing is the naughtier one.

HB Piercing: Bastard! (Her whole face is red)

I stare at her not reacting to her comment and give her a cheeky smile she reciprocates.

It's so fucking on.

I left, bad habit ejecting way too early.

TA: Nice meeting you guys, give me a hug! [grab them both and give them a hug]


Set fledging PUA and a girl I dated for 5 minutes

TA: Hey, I'm Francisco (BRT, 100% belief that I'm the shit!)

HB gf: Hey

TA: Is that your boyfriend? [noticing a guy next to her]

HB gf: No, that's my friend. Actually we were introduced today by another friend.

blah blah blah

TA: [Claw HB in] Ok woman, you are going to be my gf for the next 5 minutes.

HB gf: WHAT?! No

TA: Come here, come here! Now what shall we do for out next date?

HB: Says some lame shit. "We're in this club for out first date "

TA: Woman! Be more creative

HB: xyz

I forget the guy's name.

TA: What's your name?

Fledging(F): YOU forgot my name?! [he copied something I did earlier]

TA: Oh, I'm soooo sorry. Lucy right?!

HB cracks up.

F: [doesn't give in]No, it's Jennifer!

HB: Oh, Jennifer!!!

continue with my date with the HB, claw her in. Try to get her to twirl, bitch won't budge, had to basically force her to do so. She even fell down once, luckily I caught her.

TA: Jennifer (me to the guy) don't be jealous we're going to have our date later. Give him a hug, then give the HB a hug.

When time came to leave I #-closed the guy first and then the girl (credit: ulisse)

Sent her an sms of my Facebook account, she replied shortly after. But didn't add me on facebook.

Bisexual Set

The big thing here was the bisexual made it explicit that she liked the other girl. But I kind of befriended her~

She left for 5 minutes leaving her little friend with me(I think I read that this is a signal for me to get it on, if it's not on when she gets back she's taking her friend away)

TA: You're so tiny I'm going to put you in my pocket!

HB Tiny: hahha.

Then bisexual came and I didn't have the guts to do anything!!!

Brother sister Set

Nothing big, just gave even attention to brother and sister.

Sister was texting frequently which sucked! Number closed the brother first, then the sister in front of him.

Sms'ed my facebook to them. No add yet.


All of this was done in the breaking rapport tonality and the mentality that I'm the shit.

Why am I the shit? Because I'm the shit! Why? cause I'm the shit! Enough said.

Comments always appreciated.