First off, I never tell women I'm a male Stripper. I find that for most women it is a huge turn off. In fact it pisses me off when someone I know brings it up when I'm hitting on a girl. But it definitely has it's perks.

It taught me how to be very raunchy and wrench up the sexual Tension on the dance floor. If a girl is down off the bat for a One Night Stand, telling her your going to give her a lap dance is pretty nice.

But my best perk was no more than shown last weekend. A bachelorette party, 6 girls, 28-36 yrs old range. 3 Good looking and down for fun 3 party poopers and who cares how they look. I got paid for an hour show but it really only last about 38 minutes. Now a 3 girl show for an hour is a long time to take off your clothes and dance around with them. It does get boring. One of the Girls 31 years old, brunette, starts to give me a lap dance (sometime I have them do that) and my shows are pretty raunchy, dry humping etc. This girl just wanted me naked, from the moment I walked in she kept trying to pull my pants and basically all of clothes off, even when I was down to a posing strap.

Obviously this girl had become my favorite party guest. I gave her a little more attention then the rest and just from that it paid off more than expected. Sneaking in a handy, It couldn't be more on! Finally asks if I'll do a private show.

"fark yes, I'll do a private show"

Said fark the rest of party is was starting to suck anyway, and off we went to the bedroom, were three cats would not stop roaming, but fark it, why care, I'm getting paid to dance.

After the show, I hung out for 15 minutes and had some shots with them. Supercool and nice girls. After off to the club to record my wing infield.

Amazing start to an amazing night. I love my weekend job.