Brief (‘usual crap intro’). Omit this if short of time.

I’m decided to take this out seriously by 1) Starting yesterday going out every Friday & Saturday night. Adding an additional weekly DG session when my game goes up. Thanks TD for inspiration (will not check my card, actually play) 2) Writing more in these forums (in the past I thought my experiences were lame – which I still think, but now I just don’t care. Prefer to write REAL lame FR than fantastic armchair game). 3) Enrolling in some seminars (not so many good here in Argentina) to get a good wingman.

Anyway FR: Went to a club (ages 18-25) with a AFC friend. My goal: to open & transition the max amount of sets I could. I wanted to do my 12 approaches. (Opener: Which movie is *this stupid phrase* from?) The firsts 3 one I didn’t care girls not reacting to me as thought of them as warm-ups. Up the 7th was. Then I realized I was communicating a very beta way. Tried not to move hands & body rock and remember all the 25 things to do.
Then I though up: I’m not gonna win! And started over rationalizing things. Anyway I tried to keep opening. A HB9 (in a two set) turned over my face with a soft hand push). As I was thinking I would not wanna win, I only though, she’s not going away with this free & said “oh, that worked out back in high school. You’re the bad one). In two sets I was able to go all the way into transition but to say the truth I think they were 2 minutes long tops.
10 sets approached
2 transitioned
0 more than than.
Still feeling good about having done what I have to do. Not focusing in results.
Waiting 4 your comments