Okey, so I was with this girl the other night. It is a girl I have made out with before, about a year ago. But then she got a boyfriend and we haven't seen each other since. She has been texting me latley alot, and flirty as well. Saying thinks like "oh I'm sure it is fun there, escpecially if you are there..." she promoised me to give me a massage if I gave her one and so on. The catch is that she is still togheter with her BF.

For those of you who is in to the "pandoras box" thing i think she is a T-D-R (

I enter her apartment and she is talking on the phone with a girlfriend while cleaning up a bit. She is complaining about her BF it seems. About him not giving her attention, always being late and so on. When she finish on the phone, we hug and decide that we should rent a movie.

We make a little smal talk about or lives. Rent the movie "the reef" and get back. Shit down in the couch and talks. We don't realy care about the movie. I tell a dhv story, about a blind date I was on, with this realy hot girl, but that she was so slow and didn't get irony or anything that I just wanted to get out of there. She tells me something like
HB: ooohhh I hate it when people don't get irony. I use irony aaaall the time! It is so anoying when people don't get it.

Since it seems as if my attraction was allready sky-high I start with comfort and Kino. I stroke her arm and hand gently. She let me. I stroke her from her fingers up to her neck and around her ears. She tells me it feels good. We hold hand for a while. When the movie is over I tell her it is time for her massage. She lie down on her bed with the TV on. I massage her for a while and kiss her neck, she doesn't say anything. When I am done she asks me if I want a massage, later I tell her. We turn around towards the TV. I stroke her neck and turn around her head towards me.. I look her in her eyes... lean in and... She says: You know that I have a boyfriend..

THIS is were I fuck it up i belive. I look her in her eyes again, smile and say " Yea and?"
I know, not the perfect answer, but I kind of panict...

I think she gets a little offended and the mood is killed. We continue to watch tv, talking and we stroking her neck and so. But I can't get the currage to try again. After a while I kiss her hand and say: My lady, I think it's time for me to go.

We hugh and I leave...