Here's my first-ever conversation with a girl using PUA techniques. Now keep in mind that this girl has been a close friend of mine for a while, so this is more of experimentation of techniques if anything, to get me out of her friend zone. It's nothing groundbreaking, but I think I've made some good progress with my first try. And yes, she initiated it.

Her: Hey [name]

Me: Well well... So what, you finally satisfied with your summer? (after many delays, she finally got to the beach this summer)

Her: Haha. At least I got to go. You know what, the trip was sooo good. So worth it even if I got sunburned. =D

Me: Hey, u predicted that you'd get sunburned at one point or another. Haha. (recalling an old convo where she told me she might get sunburned that summer) So watcha do?

Her: Snorkeling and swimming at the pool. (short answer, and was getting friendly, so I took a hook point)

Me: [Her nickname], when r u gonna learn to avoid catching colds? Haha. (referencing her love of swimming that summer and catching colds shortly afterwards) U have pics?

Her: Haha. Never. Seriously, I wish I had a waterproof cam. Yeah, but I haven't uploaded them yet.

Me: Right. I might take a look at it. Btw, a lot of people are requesting about... ;P (now I'm trying to bait her and have her guessing. This last sentence is actually referring to her baby pics which she has yet to upload, but was hesitant 'cause of how fat she is)

Her: Requesting? About? :O

Me: Tsk tsk. Even your sis and friends agreed with me. Haha. (on FaceBook when I wrote on her wall about the pics. I don't even personally know her sis and friend so I'm using this to add a sense of dominance and social proof to her) This has been going on way too long Brij >

Her: Haha. I gotcha. =D I only just saw the comment. It was kinda hidden.

Me: Nice excuse. We'll be waiting, got it? >;D

Her: Haha. For what? =D

Me: For the pic, duh. You were cute back then. (yes, I know that last sentence was pretty weak)

Her: My baby pics? Haha. The thing is, I can't find the scrapbook I brought last time. Remember the pic I had you or [other friend] scan? Including my super chubby pic? You got a copy of that?

Me: No, you didn't even want to show it to me back then. And you expect me to have a copy? Haha.

Her: Haha. Hey, I just thought you were the one who scanned it. (it took her 13 minutes to send this reply)

Then I stopped texting after that. I understand that she showed little to no attraction at all in that one. I understand since she is still just a close friend at this point. Note though, that I had already asked her out before, which she agreed to but has not responded to any concrete plan yet. Plus, she's rather flirty with this other guy. So for all I know, I could be on her list, but with her being a Tester (using Vin DiCarlo's theory), I still have a chance.

So with all that said and done, how did I do? And what should be my next move? Criticize, criticize, criticize, please. I need as much as possible.