My friends took me to an all day concert yesterday, I wasn't much into any of the bands, and rather than mill about the grass and roast in the desert sun all day, I decided to just approach as many sets as possible and have a great time with it. After my group split up, I wound up with a beer in each hand. So I unzipped my fly and went with. The first was a 5 set. A guy with a mohawk, who used way too much glue, another guy all punked out, and 3 HB's were together talking and having a hell of a time.
"This must be where the cool people hang out" I said. "I need a favor. I am in the middle of a bet where I can't let go of either of these beers all night, and if one runs empty, I have to have another before I can get rid of it, but I have a slight problem. My fly is down and I can't zip it up, can I get a little help?" The guys laughed, and an HB6 moved forward and zipped me up. They inquired about my bet, asking the terms and I informed them that I took the bet blindly. I have no idea what I win if I pull it off, and I have no idea what I'll lose if I don't." The hb7 in the group was shocked that I would take a bet without having any terms, and I told her that she must not be very adventurous to not want to do it. I then asked her to reach in my pocket and grab my smokes, which she did, and she also grabbed my lighter from my other pocket, lit me one, and put them back. I pointed out a friend of mine who had on a straw cowboy hat, and said "Hey that's my friend there, I better get back, but I will see you all again tonight." They were all pretty bummed that I was leaving, but for the rest of the night I'd run into them here and there, still with two beers in my hands, and when I no longer had any drinks, I informed them that I finally lost.
I did this sever times to much of the same result. I was having a great time, and the friends in the group thought it was pretty awesome that when they talked to people, everyone seemed to know who "Mr. Manager" was. (I wore a Bluth's Frozen Banana t shirt that said Mr. Manager on the back of it. At a concert where everyone is doing their best to look as crazy as possible, I figured not doing that would be my way of peacocking.)

The sun finally went down, and I ran into this hb9 who had litterally stumbled into us when we were sitting in the grass at one point. We were pretty close to the stage when I saw her and I asked if she wanted to get up there. "Get up where?" I pointed up, and had her climb onto my shoulders and headed off into the throng of people. After the song ended, she grabbed me by the shirt and we got away from the crowd. She ended up buying me drinks, and we had a great time running around the lawn and talking. Going kino was incredibly easy, because we didn't want to get seperated. At some point, I ended up losing my phone in the crowd, so she asked my number and called it. At this point her friends found us, and she wanted me to stay and hang out with them. I declined and told her I needed to find my phone and get back to my friends. She kissed me and I went off to find the person who found my phone.
I decided to not be too upset about it, and used my lost phone as an opener. I had several people call my phone, and kept trying to find it for about a half hour. I ended up getting the girls who had it to come find me instead of me looking for her. She wasn't an hb, but she had some really killer eyes. She gave me a cigarette, and I rejoined my friends back near the stage. One of my friends had been sitting down talking to someone, saying he was waiting on his girlfriend, and Mr. Manager to come back up here, she replied with "Oh! I know Mr. Manager!".
There was a lot I could have done better, but my goal was to just have a good time in a place where I really had no intention of going in the first place. I had an awesome time, and it was well worth the sunburn, bad music, and sore neck and shoulders.

Any comments, constructed criticism, and feedback are appreciated. Thank you for reading.