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    Default My first weekend of pick up - absolute novice - a great success.

    Hi Guys,

    Well, some of this is going to be an introduction - and perhaps Iíll post some of this in to the intro thread.

    So, briefly - Iím in early 30s, and never really had much confidence with women. I've had sex with quite a few women over the years - but NEVER from a proper pick up in a bar or something. A lot of them were what I call the 1% of the 1%, that is, women who were attracted to me AND let me know that they were. And to be honest that had diminished the last few years - but I think it has picked up since I began to put a lot of work into my personal appearance (not that I was ever totally lazy with that). So, they were either the aforementioned or else maybe from an adult dating site, which - but to be honest, even though Iíve been with attractive women from such sites, I still don't classify it as 'real world'.

    Anyway, the last few months I had been pretty down confidence wise - someone had mentioned Neil Strauss's book to me, and I obtained a copy of the second one - but I never really started - mainly because he said don't skip a step - and because of that I was always looking for the right time to start - and it never happened! Then I saw the original Strauss book on a friend's bookshelf, and I took a lend of it. Again, I never really got into it. But I did joke with the friend who lent it to me, and his girl friend and another female friend, that I would try it out some day and report back! Then the friend mentioned the vh1 show - I had never heard of it before, so I began watching that - I still have the last episode of season two. While I know the show are limited because they obviously have to appeal to mass audience - I still think I gained a lot from it.

    So, on weekend just gone, I had nothing on. I had just finished watching one of the episodes of Season two. So, I decided I was going to go out on my own and attempt to pick up girls! Now, Iím a sociable guy, but even with my buddies - I had never gone out to GET girls! Yes, I did always assume that they wouldn't be interested and what was the point? So many better looking guys than me. I'm short, bald etc. But, the shows gave me the confidence to a least try.

    So, went out Friday night - went to a club. I went to the outside beer garden/smoking area first - lit a cig and a girl said something to me - so I engaged her. Immediately recognised she had a friend - who was quiet, so immediately began with engaging her too. I threw in quite a few playful negs - which went down very well. I then added a false time constraint - i.e. I better get back to my friends. And since I had finished my cig, I left the set. I need a bit of practise here - because here was the situation - we were all in a temporary location (that is, nobody would stay in the area too long after they had finished smoking - but if I bounce with them back into the main bar - then it would show up that I didn't have friends in the bar. I guess thatís why itís better to be with a group. I guess I should have said, Iíll probably be back here again in half hour or so - might see you.

    So, then I did float around like a loner for a bit. I went on the dance floor just to get my energy up a bit etc. Began having a good fun with a girl on the dance floor. Eventually after lots of Kino she said - I don't want you to waste my time here on me all night, because I do have a bf'. Now, I genuinely don't think she was blowing me off as we were having great fun. I think she was just concerned that she would come off as cock tease if she let me go on the way things were going. Her friends were also there. Anyway, after a while I exited that and went home. For my VERY first time out on my own - and my first time out on my own or otherwise with the specific aim of picking up a girl - well, I thought it was a good start.

    So, on the Saturday night I was almost not going to go again - but I changed my mind, and went out quite last - about 11.30. So went into the same club - it was a lot busier - and found it hard to make progress. I made a feeble attempt at a set - I know this wasn't a great opening, but I walked past them sort of craning my neck as if was looking for someone - and then I said, 'I hate it when you can't find everyone!' - and one said - 'well you're amongst friends here' with a smile. So that was positive. Her friend said 'walk around a few time and Iím sure you'll find them' - I felt like I had to go then.

    So stayed in the club another while until I saw a group of people I actually did know - but didn't want to hook up - so I left! But, I decided to go into a pub in the next street. I walked in - and saw two girls at the bar who were singing along to song - I made some comment about that, they laughed, and I went got a drink and came back to them. I gave them my jacket - and said, girls, you mind this I have to and find my friends. One said, can we have your wallet too? So I put my wallet in her hand and said, sure! This gave them a great laugh, and I have to say I was on fire - I engaged both of them - playful negs. At least 10 mins or so of chatter - and then I said, you know if you don't give me my wallet back, that means you actually want me to stay as I can't leave you two with it! More joking and teasing. Then I said, I better go find these friends of mine. So, I went off for 20 mins. I came back - and explained that one of my friends was really drunk and my other friend decided to bring him home. I asked them for my jacket like I was about to leave but kept engaging them. One of them said she wanted to go for a cigarette, so I decided on a short bounce - I said, letís all go outside for a smoke - which we did. Then we came back, and we all got another drink - and we had good fun - lots of joking etc. So, bar is closing and I again put on my jacket - all the time planning to get the number of my target. Before I could even do that, her friend says, I can't believe you are just going to go without giving x your number. The friend went to the bathroom, and I began to kiss my target. Then we went outside - and we got some food - all of us. I thought the night would end there, but it didnít. Now, I know you are not supposed to put the girl in the awkward situation of being 'responsible' for sex - but I really thought, we were all going to go home separately then - I had her number. But instead she said, em, nothing is going to happen, but if you want to come back mine, then you can. Of course I jumped at the chance, and of course things did happen!

    I felt very proud of my first weekend in the field!! She was a really attractive girl Ė and better, a great personality.

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    Default Re: My first weekend of pick up - absolute novice - a great success.

    Hell ya man. Great success story! Keep it up, you are definitely on the right track.

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