So Bam! There I was, everyone noticed the new girl in the hostel. She walked in with curled blonde hair a gorgeous figure and showed up at the bar in a tight black dress and white baggy t-shirt. This girl was hot.

It took roughly 20 seconds from when she walked to the bar for a friend of mine to point her out to me and me to smile and let him know I'd already spotted her.

I played it cool and didn't look over, I'd already established rapport with the girls she was talking to incase I needed to Pivot.

Later we all ended up at the beach, as the first group to get there I got the fire started and when the others arrived I went on my way to get fire wood and came back with basically two trees across my shoulders to cheers.

I saw her across the fire and used it as a pivot on it's own and put more wood on near here when she asked me I i'd made it. After a while I moved her somewhere quiter and got to talking and then ran the 5 lies game, even though she lost she wanted to keep playing. So my last question was if she wanted to kiss me, Mystery Kiss Close, she said no so I moved in and proved she was lying.

To cut a long story short, I took her to the showers back at the hostel and made love to her with the water on. Awesome.

This should make my stay here more interesting.