I have a few questions, relating when I should do next in order to get in order to get a day 2 with this one girl I met today, before I ask, I want to explain my life situation.

For the past two years I have had a lot of health issues. I was a swing and salsa dancer, but I injured my left foot dancing. Since then I have developed chronic pain in my left foot. It is difficult for me and to walk a very long, or do anything which I need to stand. Because of this, I have to live with my parents and to see doctors a lot. Despite being intelligent, graduating with a 3.7 GPA majoring in statistics and economics, I cannot get a job right now with my disability.

For a while I was really depressed, but recently (in the past six months) I have developed a my hobby of doing stand up comedy. I have gotten pretty decent, but doing stand up, I have to go to a lot of shitty open mikes in addition to an better. That being said, I am doing my best to two trying get back into the game. Luckily, I am both for good looking, reasonably funny, and a decent the conversationalist.

Last night (technically this night), I was at an open mike in Rhode Island. I live in Hartford Connecticut, but a comedian friend of mine carpooled down with me. I talked briefly to one of the bartenders who is very pretty (probably HB8.25). I could feel non verbally through her eye contact and a sort of sixth sense that she was somewhat interested in despite not having talked much.

She was on break later, and after I did my comedy set, I went and talked to her for a bit. I found out quickly she was into salsa dancing. Despite me currently being crippled, I was able to show value, as well as gain rapport with her from my previous dancing experiences. After about talking 15 minutes, I recognized her bartending job was going to take her away from me so I left her first.

I later on talks to other comedians as well as watch the last few performers. It was getting time to leave, and I decided to go for a close. I went up to her and said something of this nature " Hey Amanda, I have to leave soon, but I wanted to say I really enjoyed our conversation. I like you and I think you're sexy. I would like to see you again next time I am in town. Would you want to get together for a drink? What is the best way to get in contact with you."

She asked me for my number, saying she currently did not have a phone. I gave her my card (comedian card). She asked me more or less how often are a man in Rhode Island. She said that the best way to get in contact with her was by her email. While the phone thing definitely seems like it might be a IOD, based off her body language she definitely seemed happy that I was asking her out.

Given all this, I would be happy for some advice on where to go from here. There is an open mike in Rhode Island on Wednesday. I'm thinking about asking her to meet up with me there. Should I e-mail her right away? Should I simply say hi him like a text, should I ask her to do something right away?

While I am generally good at approaching and early game stuff, my follow up game is absolute Shit. Please help me with any ideas you have. Please do not simply say it is hopeless, or suggest things I cannot do because im crippled.