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    Default What do you think of this guy's pickup attempt at the gym?

    A balddude with ugly horse-shoe shaped baldness was working out hard at a cycle next to me in the gym. A cute woman walks in and starts working out on a crosstrainer. The balddude abandons his cycle and takes up the crosstrainer next to her. He pretends to focus on workout for a minute or two. Then I hear the following conversation
    "Are you just starting your workout?"
    "No I started quite sometime ago."
    "I see. So how many calories did you burn so far?"
    "About 4 kilograms"
    "4 kilograms? How could you?!"
    "Well once you have been working out, you get back to the previous shape you used to be."
    "I would require 4 months to lose 4 kgs. But you said you lost 4 kilos just today. "
    "No, how is that possible. I meant I have lost that much over the days".
    Balddude's voice stammers quite a bit while he replies as below, I was not surprised seeing he had been working out like a horse before the woman came in and his voice must be drowned with sweat.
    "Huh huh, I thought you meant just today that's why I was expressing my surpsise before.."
    "I really don't know if I'm just losing water or actually burn fat. It is so hot in here, I sweat so much and just get tired out"
    There was a pause for a few minutes after this, seemed like Balddude did not know how to keep up the talking. Then again
    "So since how long you have been coming here?"
    "Since about 4 months.."
    "I just starting coming this month. I used to go to FitnessOne gym before."
    "So why did you stop going there?"
    "We used to have company sponsored free membership, but now the offer has been discontinued. So I wanted to try out elsewhere for a while".
    "But there is no A/C here, we used to have A/C at FitnessOne. It is so hot in here. I might just as well go back to there after a month"
    "Ok" .Her expression was like why is he lying that it is so hot here, as I thought too. As if guessing the meaning of her expression, Balddude says
    "It's just that I'm a bit more sensitive to heat.."
    "It is quite late to be working out now, isn't it, it is almost going to be 10'o clock."
    "Yeah, but it is a Saturday, you don't feel like getting up that early today.."
    "Why, you are a heavy Friday night partyer or something?"
    "Nothing like that.. just that it is a holiday"
    "Atleast I have a valid reason (for being late). I was partying till 12'o clock" (God, was he bragging?)
    "I'm Balddude"
    "I'm Prussy"

    Just when it should start going well, Balddude again makes a long pause thinking hard what to talk. Time runs out for him, as Prussy steps down from the crosstrainer saying
    "See you"

    As Prussy walked into the dress change room, I patted Balddude on the shoulder and asked him to catch her when she comes out, and ask her out. When she walked towards the exit, he walked halfway towards her, then gave up. He said to me, "Afterall I did not have an engaging conversation with her. What if she refuses? I will try to have better conversation tomorrow if I see her.". I told him "yeah , you suck at conversation. Even I was bored to death hearing your conversation. You don't know how to flirt with a woman". He seemed offended and then laid down on the mattress and kept looking at the ceiling for a long time.
    Do you agree with my observation about him?"

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    Default Re: What do you think of this guy's pickup attempt at the gym?

    I agree with your observation but it seems like the poor guy was completely overwhelmed. It sounds to me like he had been building himself up to talk to a girl like that for a while and was so excited that he actually followed through that he forgot to plan out for after the first 20-30 seconds of the conversation.

    It seems to me that this was a first attempt for this guy and your reply probably make him feel self conscious about his approach.

    Not that you weren't right of course, I almost fell asleep reading his conversation haha, but it just seems like the guy needs a confidence boost more so than a "You suck ass with women."-sort of reply.

    Then again, I wasn't there, so this guy could have been a huge dick and you could have phrased your criticism of his conversation a lot differently, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt, please.

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    Default Re: What do you think of this guy's pickup attempt at the gym?

    I definitely agree with your observation on him as well. He clearly had nothing more than 2 lines planned out on what he was going to say. Deifnitely talked about himself too much, and about his sweat (which is really awkward). You are at a gym, who cares if your sweaty. I am not sure what kind of outlined plan he had in his head about the conversation or where it would go, but it was really awkward even reading it.

    I find it real tricky trying to pick up girls at the gym. A lot of times, girls have to force themselves to go to the gym, knowing it is full of testosterone boosted males with hormones raging. They definitely get stared at and gawked at. I know a lot of girls who hate being hit on or talked to at the gym. But then again, that is that they are being "hit" on. A good PUA wouldn't make them feel that way. They would just strike up an innocent conversation.

    My best way to initiate conversation with a girl is compliment something she is wearing (watch, sneaker). It tends to just open up conversation. A funny opener is if when a girl is using 15lbs weights (using lbs, since I am live in America), and ask her if she is done using them because you want to max out. If she knows anything about working out and knows what maxing out is, she will giggle. Clearly a guy should be able to max out mroe than 15lbs, but laughter breaks down that little wall these girls put up at the gym.

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