Ok, So I have a lot of crazy nights out. I should, going out 3-4 times per week, things happen. Year after Year, I never went to the Boardy Barn before. Heard things about how great it was and the "amazing" drink specials but always woke up too late and too far west to go. So the guys at my lair finally got me to go. I was excited and horny.

Hearing so much my expectations were very high. It's never exactly how you picture it but this was pretty close. A huge line wrapped around a football sized field, filled with people ready to drink their asses off and make a mockery of themselves. D-Rock rolls up with the swagger of a ecstasy dealer on 5th ave. No line for us, I can feel the energy even before we actually get in, as me and D-Rock walk through the white picket fence we take 10 seconds to have our picture snapped.

Inside it started off slow, (we just cut a line of like 1,000 people so this is understandable). Good time to learn the atmosphere and have a drink with my buddies. I order a round a beers, we get 20. Immediately I can tell this is going to get messy and that I'm going to be making a lot of trips to the green porta pottys placed on each end of the bar.

First few sets started off slow, small success with phone numbers but nothing overtly sexual. I hate to even say this but it goes to show that you should never get discouraged and just enjoy people. Super hot two set. One older the other hotter. I originally went for the hot blonde with blue eye liner and eyes. Had a raspy deep voice like tara reid. She pretty much ignored me and then some one else hit on her so I switched the slightly older and less attractive woman. Well that guy got blown out and now I'm stuck with the two alone. No problem! A little dancing a little drinking and a little sweet talking and blondey is loving me now. Of course in this environment you can only talk for so long before something takes your attention away so I grabbed her number, chatted a bit more, took a shot, that she bought, and moved on, for now. This was not the last time I saw Blondey.

Next major set was a huge group of party girls. One wearing a tie-dye T-shirt. Girl was super aggressive, more than normally. I couldn't believe the shit I was getting away with. I'll skip the long and make it short. I was very into the attention and sexual activity. This girl was buying me drinks, making out with me like a lion and grabbing my chest like I was Fabio. Next thing I know I'm grabbing her ass and have my hand inside her shirt. She firmly tells me to grab her tit. Without hesitation I slide my hand underneath her bra and feel her up. Yes, I get a chubby, a big raging chubby. The fact that her friends are definitely watching us are making it hotter and taboo. I look up for a few seconds and see rich making out with one of her friends. (long enough for me to take a pic of it). Well apparently she felt something long and hard in my pants so she looks me in the eye and says, "I just want to grab your big dick". Again I have no qualms of this. I loosen my belt and tell her to grab it, she reaches straight down and starts jerking me off in the middle of the dance floor underneath the circus top tent. This was "A" highlight of the "this" girl. Having to pee every 15 minutes was not something I liked but when you pay $1 for a beer you shut up. Back and forth with this girl for about an hour, I'm telling myself, "pull already, time to fuck" but where??? I didn't drive, no bathrooms just porta potties, and cops at every corner. Guys I took the lesser of evils and went to the green stalls. I snuck in behind her as I heard people say, "What the fuck, are they fucking". 10 Minutes of people banging on the door did not make it enjoyable and when I stepped out, I told the guy who seemed very angry, "You're a cockblock". He didn't care, he just wanted to piss.

A few numbers pursued but nothing serious. Last crazy set was something I don't usually experience. Men, there are hundred of posts of me, about me, from me, online. I've been posting about my days since 2006. I have never run into a girl who read one of them or knew more about me than one of my guy friends. Well this one did. Calling me a player, a womanizer, a coach. She "happened" to know my last name which scared me a little. Odd that she would. Some player bashing was happening but it was working for me. jealousy was rearing it's ugly head and the point of fixation was me. I learn she's one of our guy's ex's. Which I'm usually against doing. So I ask some guys what the situation is and then side with my penis. I'll skip the graphics for this girl out of the little respect I still have for myself. This is usually my favorite part of a FR/LR.

For all the guys who are scared of being called out for learning about attracting women. This should show you, it doesn't matter what they know about you. This girl had the image of a huge player who only abuses women, bangs them and leaves them. Which is not what I look to do, I just happens sometimes. So Papawolf downplayed the super player commando that apparently my reputation has created. Things did get a little awkward during the end of this set so I'll leave it alone and not post about this particular girl for the time being.

End of the day,
Good buzz, Lots of Make-outs and numbers, a HandJob and a ...well come see me for the full story

Game on Guys, Awooo