So I manage this band, and recently booked them to play at a new night club on Long Island.. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout and the number of HB8-10s around Friday night. There were plenty of patrons available for me to sarge, but i had my sights set on the shot girl. Small, exotic, beautiful HB10...She was standing around looking like she hated her life at that current moment. So I approached: "smile pretty girl, life's not that bad." Bingo. Fluffing, negs, etc..."So you wanna buy a shot? They're $6." ME: "you really expect me to pay $6 for your water shot? come on now." Her: "You know you want a shot." Me: "I'll tell you what. Just so I know your telling the truth, you buy the first shot, and I'll buy the next." Her: "You're going to get me in trouble." Me: "I'm not here to get anyone in trouble, you make your own decisions.. But you want to sell me a shot, so you know what you need to do." She pours me and her a shot and we take them. Free shot. So then I go in for the necklace...She didn't even flinch a millimeter, and I knew i had it. So I kissed her. We kissed a few more times throughout the night, but nothing serious, and no Number Close, it was all playful. But then I met Sara. Average, Probably about a 6-7, but very feisty. She approached me. "Hey, you've been staring at me all night." This was obviously a line, because I honestly hadn't been. So I retorted with a hard neg. "Well, you see, I was trying to figure out how you could carry yourself with such confidence in an outfit like that." Normally I don't take chances like this, but I figured nothing ventured nothing gained, and nothing wagered nothing lost. I had never seen this girl before, so what did it matter if she ended up hating me?? Opposite effect. She loved it, and came in closer to me. Me: "You talk a big game, but can you put your money where your mouth is?" a really upbeat song came on after that and we started dancing. Closer, and closer, grinding harder and harder, until we started making out. we went at it for about 2 or 3 songs, then I left her to go back to my friends. I approached her maybe 25 minutes later and said "You have a really strong personality, but it comes off as cocky. The thing about that is, I like it. Here, put your number in here and maybe I'll call you sometime." Number close. Maybe 10 minutes after that, I get a text from a bartender I number closed a few nights before; she wanted to see me. So I tell her to come out, and she comes, alone, to the bar to meet me. My band was setting up to play at that point, so I just fluffed her a little about her day at work and whatnot, and the music started. My dance game is on point, and so I use it to my advantage more often than not. We danced, we kissed, etc, my social proof was through the roof, well, because I manage this band thats playing in front of 200 people. So after the rest of the night ended, I enlisted her help to get the equipment back to the studio, and she happily obliged. Back to the studio, back to my place, woke up the next morning. F-close. This was all in one night, and it's the first time I've ever performed a hat-trick of this nature, so I deemed it worthy of a post. The last girl, CJ, she's on the way here to pick me up as I type this.. So as always, Stay confident, smile, and happy sarging!!