I've lived in America for over 14 years, so forgive me if this information is no longer accurate...

In the motherland, we celebrate Valentine's Day differently than you do here. It is a day for lovers only, not just a general *holiday*, but the major difference is that cards remain unsigned. You can write all the love in the world, but the recipient has to figure out who sent it.

I miss the English version of Valentine's Day - an anonymous card sent to a prospective or current lover. Much more exciting and romantic than this nonsense of having to echo "Happy Valentine's!" to each and every colleague and shop assistant one encounters.

I remember being 12 or so and quietly suspecting the unsigned card was from my Mum. Or 16 and desperately worried that I wouldn't get any cards. As anxiety ridden as that was, I much prefer it to this over commercialised hullabaloo.

This morning, I totally forgot it was Valentines day. And even when I realised it, it occurred to me that I am not wistful for a card or desperate to be in a relationship. It's just another day. I am sure if I was partnered, I'd enjoy some extra attention, but this year I am not remotely sad that it's lacking.

As the mother of good little Americans though, I presented my sons with chocolates and they, bless their cotton socks, drew me a card.

The kids have an expression drummed into them at school: "You get what you get. You don't get upset".
Words to live by on this Valentine's Day.

Here are some I made earlier:
The taste of kitty
You people smell
Click Addict
Profile Pictures
If I don't get laid soon
Sex standing up
Is this the best you can do?
Are you insulted?

May yours continue beating