Once upon a time, I worked in a dungeon, alongside a 40-something year old woman. She actually looked quite a bit like Stifler's mom: a modern-day Mrs. Robinson. Because of her, I was introduced to yet another interesting thing about men.

The average age of my clients at the time was around 50. Granted, I was doing a lot of schoolgirl roleplays back then, and that's always gonna appeal more to men who are old enough to now fetishize their school days. (Another weird thing about dudes: they overwhelmingly preferred the authentic school uniform-- penny loafers and all -- to the "Hit Me Baby One More Time," tied-shirt and teeny skirt version.) These days, after having tossed the uniform, my client ages average out around 37.

But the young guys -- 19, 22, 25 -- they loved this lady and her Mommy 'n' Me dynamic. And, I mean, we had some ridiculously hot, early to mid-twenties women working at the dungeon (including a Brazilian model who looked like she'd stepped out of a Victoria's Secret catalog.) Not that Stifler's Mom was a slouch: she was positively vivacious and sexy. (And kind of a lesbian grabass when we'd get to drinking, which was a hoot! One shot, and you could be sure that she'd be swatting me on the ass and honking Brazil's boobs.) But you'd think that one need not pay to spend time with an older woman: if Fluff news stories and "The Real Housewives of [insert city name here]" are to be believed, cougars are lurking at every bar and frat house in America. And would probably buy presents for the young'un she caught, right?

Time after time, we'd see a barely out of college kid come in and pick Stifler's Mom. Always, I'd shake my head and decide that I'd made the right choice in dating up: apparently, it wasn't just my imagination that many men my own age wanted their girlfriends to mother them. (Note: "many" does not equal "all.")

In retrospect, the whole thing was sweet in a melancholy way. Maybe it's because I'm now closer to 30 than 20 and my bar crawling days are behind me (uh...mostly), but I've started to sympathize a bit more with younger men. It was probably nice to spend time with a sexy woman who didn't judge them by the size of their wallet or their jobs. (Especially in New York: it's vicious out here.)

After all, Mommy loves you, no matter what.
You're her little man.

And... I can see why that could be hot.