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    Default Silvermans First Field Report

    So before i start i will introduce myself. I am currently a junior in high school and learned about the game/pua last summer. Up until now i haven't had the opportunity to actually go out and practice my game. I have only run some occasional day game and worked on my inner game.

    So me and a friend(also into PUA) went to a house party near us last night. As soon as we were dropped off we started to feel a bit of anxiety, and wanted to just let the whole environment soak in(our first party!). We were a bit apprehensive to approach when all of a sudden three girls just showed up to us and asked us what school we went to. One of them was a pretty fine HB 8.5 and the other two were maybe HB 7.

    We talked with them some and i tried to implement some basic kino(playful arm touch, high five). Nobody was dancing so we all decided to go to the dance floor. We danced for a bit and my friend got close on one of them, but the other two were sort of resistant. The dancing kind of ended so we all sat down and started talking with each other. At this point i had started to game one of the HB 7 as my primary target. I talked with her some but she was pretty shy, she didn't reject and kino but she wasn't really reciprocating with any back to me. I tried to pull her back onto the dance floor some so i could start to isolate and escalate with her but she wouldn't move. So after awhile we decided to get up and talk to some other people at the party. We saw some people we knew but then... RAIDED! About 6 cop cars pulled up in front and told everyone to get picked up by their parents and go home.

    After this we chilled in a park nearby and met two girls, a HB 7 and a HB 7.5. We talked with them some and right before their parents showed up they took a picture with us. We both contemplated asking for a Number Close(we should have ) but they got into their parents car and left.

    The main thing i would like comments on is the first set, how should i have proceeded with the HB 7 i was gaming?

    Any comments would be great, thanks!

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    Default Re: Silvermans First Field Report

    Dude really your in hs and your doing all this pua stuff? Man you shouldn't have to worry about it until you've been through college and started the jaded bar crawls of your twenties haha.
    Highschool was the easiest time of my life gettin tang, if it ain't happening then just keep pressin bro.

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