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    RokStarz Guest

    Default pet-peeves or you just love my D-STYLE

    yes.. good yeah uh.. could you just be a TAD quieter.. My Aunt Shirley's in the next room. I know.. I KNOW. I don't want to inhibit you, but she's just in from Tel Aviv. Ok.. better

    Alright babe, let's do some side action.. yeah! Let me just get one leg up there, and.. no that leg goes there, and yeah, alright.. good.. STOP, my balls are squashed jesus yeah good, no stop moving around like that, it's not conducive to.. yes, ok better

    Are you reaching for my nipples? Haven't we discussed this?

    Ouch! You hit me!.. Ok you like it rough, I'll show you rough. where did we put that toilet plunger? I'm gonna hit you in the kidneys with it? ahhh not so tough now huh? Get your face over here I've got something for it!

    Yeah I know you like that huh!!..

    phew glad that's over..

    You getting up? Could you get me a seltzer from the bodega?... Oh and don't disturb Aunt Shirley on your way back in.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Sex Machine: SEXUAL pet-peeves or You just love my DOGGY-STYLE

    what i find interesting though is how we get to have a chick like that. going back from when i tell her to get on all fours, back to after I have picked her up and we leave the scene knowing that we are leaving to close the deal..... what do i do to get a chick to give to me like that.

    only problem i ever had in this position is one time her bed was too soft and it just wouldn't work. I guess I was asking where the chick came into the picture. what was your experience in creating the scene that you described. what can you pass on that may help someone to get in a similar scenario?

    Was she a longstanding gf or random? You seemed to have a pretty tight hold over her. I am interested dude how did you get a seemingly rebellious chick to submit to your domination before she got intimate with you??

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