A while back, there was a man that viewed my profile several times a week over a period of several months. Sometimes, he would view me every day, other times twice a week, but that was his absolute minimum. He appeared to find me compelling for some reason or another.

But he never contacted me.

After a while, every time that I saw him on my "who's viewed me" list, it would irk me that here he was again checking me out but not contacting me.
I looked at his profile and found him interesting except for his super tiny mouth and thin lips which didn't cut it for me, but I might've given him a go.

Anyways, another month goes by and he continues to view my profile many times a week, so I decided to contact him.

As you know, I am thrilled with my own wit and humour, so I found my communication to be, well, witty and humorous. I asked if he found me attractive, but couldn't deal with the kids. Or hideous yet compelling. Funny on my blog (which was the old one btw) but borderline unattractive and my personality didn't make up for it. etc etc.

I figured the least he would do is write back.

But he didn't. Which irked me even more.
(In a "wtf?" way, not in a boil a bunny way. I want it to be clear that this gave me pause for about a few minutes)

And he has never, never, ever looked at my profile again. Quit cold turkey.

Now, the dude in question is constantly featured on the front page of the personals site. Either he's marketing himself or Nerve thinks he speaks to their demographic, so he's a near constant reminder of an unanswered email.

Except now I click on him. About once a week.
I never read his profile, just click and navigate away so that I show up on his "who's viewing me" page.

He probably sees me and thinks "wtf is she looking at me again for??? Doesn't she get that I am not interested?"
Of course I get it. But it amuses me to no end to click anyway just to return the "wtf?" favour.

It's shit like this that gets me through my day.

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