The following took place a couple of weeks ago, been really busy and didn't had time to write my field report. I'll add more on later on. Enjoy!

Ok so got my ass out on Friday last week to revive my daygame . |So met up with a few wingmen in the city. Chatted for a couple of hours (waiting for the rest to show up) so we started at 2pm and the goal of the day was just to open with no expectations, and here takes the following:

From 2pm - 4pm

A) see a cute HB8 walking towards me, she passes me (fuck it let's go) so I turn around and she enters in a mobile phone shop (ha don't worry I'll open my next set)

An hour later I see two blonde set, 5 and other blonde was probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, not even a 10 I'd say a 10+. I said to myself ( if I see them again I'll open them)

In the shopping centre see a two set with one wearing a blue denim jacket and the hottest ass I've ever seen. (she's infront I can't open them like that,) so there was a circle in the middle of the shopping mall so I went the other way so they would be walking towards me the result? They went inside a shop (god damn it!, fuck it am waiting here till they come out) so I waited for 5-10mins an nope no sign if them. So I moved on

And 4pm and am the last one to open. Other wing guys have already opened. The pressure is on. So while the guys and everyone else were watching the bboys showing off in the middle of the city centre i separated myself from the guys so I can see any potential set(s) to open.|

All of a sudden I see this girl, HB8, she's walking towards me eating pink shrimp sweets. I open her

Me: excuse me I need to ask you something
HB8: ermm ok (giving me a weird look)
Me: would you date a guy who keeps a picture of his ex in a box underneath his bed? (FUCK I've not said it correctly it's suppose to start off if your seeing a guy and he's still friends with her ex how would you feel? Ok ok just keep going)
HB:ermmm no I wouldn't (and she walks away)
(she was ugly anyway)

How do I feel?
Feel great now that I've got my first rejection out of the way

I see that two blonde set earlier on. Walking in the opposite direction

(c'mon man fuck it and open them, there probably dying to meet a guy to light their day)

So I turn around and starting walking towards them from behind. I cant explain what I felt at this point but it was a mix between a rush, butterflies in my stomach and a determination to prove myself to the other guys and myself wrong.

As am walking to the side of HB10+|
(should I open direct? Or indirect? I go for direct, go for direct go for direct, direct direct direct, can't believe am doing this oh shit here it goes!)

So i walked to the side and opened the HB10+|

Me: hey excuse me, i know this is random but I just wanted to say you look gorgeous today (i kept my smile as I start to walk away expecting a probably thank you in return and nothing more)
HB+10: oh thank you (smiles) you look gorgeous also (she doesn't move as she stays where she is)
(ka Ching am in)
Me: my name is skillmatic (offers hand)
HB10+: nice to meet you skillmatic, my name is H
Me: introduce me to your friend dont be rude (credit to mystery) giggles and laughs) sorry this is my friend |HB5
Me: (shakes hand with hb5) is H always this rude huh?
Both laugh|
Me: so I guess your the good one (hb5) and H is the bad one?
Both laugh again
Me: so what you girls doing here today? Shopping? (as I can see they each have a shopping bag)
HB10+: we're on our way to work
Me: am here shopping for jeans ad I spend alot of my time outside work dancing (dhv) I did a dance showcase a weekend ago (storytelling ) and lost alot of weight etc etc etc
HB10+: you must be a good dancer, we both can't dance (both giggle) (at this point I have kept eye contact with both of them, and both have kept their smiles all the way through our conversation)
(shit am running out of things to say, no worse, am forgetting to say something here? Shit! What am I suppose to say at this point?)
(I start to leave as I don't want to lower my value by standing there saying nothing)|

How do I feel now?
I feel like I can chase superman right now. Invincible, bring on the other sets!

Opened about 3-4 sets just giving each of them a compliment, half of them failed but my aa was diminishing more and more and this was my goal for the day was to just open and destroy my AA for the day (not entirely as we all know AA will always be there at some level)

Now what I did forget about the 2 blonde set was to transition from where I was flashing my dhv storytelling to the best friends test. Then lead that to a potential #close.|

This is why I prefer opening a 2+set because you can accuse your target of being rude not introducing her friend(s) to you and you can add in the best friends test and you can't do this with a lone wolf lol. Just gives me more arsenal to play with if it's a 2+set.|So that's what I will focus on this coming weekend

So in general after doing the 2 blonde set it's def helped my inner game and helped me realise that yes I don't need to game that girl in my dance class (where I fucked up and been thrown in the friendzone) now I can work on my preselection and make that girl feel that am the prize not the other way around.