OK, this happened last friday.

So, went out with a couple of my friends out for karaoke night. We went out to a chill-out type of bar, but one of out female friends was expecting us in an Irish Pub sort-of thing where there was karaoke night.

We got there and introduced us to 2 of her female friends. A HB7.5 and a stunning HB9.5. Before our friend even introduced us, the HB9.5 presented herself to me first in quite a snappy manner.

After 15 min of chatter with my friends, I pulled my erotic dice out of my pocket. And it was a hit. General chatter with the HB9.5, then dancing ensued.

We danced, we laughed and we danced some more. Didn't showed interest in her, only a little bit. She then went to the table to drink her beer. One of my male friends was chatting with her. Since I got tired too and since the only seat left was the one between the stunner and my male friend, I went for it. Later I found out that the stunner liked my male friend, but it was the next day that I found out. Anyway, I felt like I cockblocked him, but whatever ).

So, I re-engage the discussion ( me and her ) and took her to the "dancefloor" ( it wasn't really a dancefloor, but a space between tables that was roomy enough to dance ). Massive ioi's from her from this point on. We were this close to kissing at that point...but her, i'm not easy. )

Dancing's over karaoke ensues. After two minutes, I took the erotic dice and gave them a try. It showed "Lick" and "Lips". Went for the kiss with her. BAM.

Basically half of the night we were licking ourselves away ) But then me and the guys bounced to another location. Took her number and IM.

Here's the weird part. while she did give me her REAL number and IM, she doesn't answer, so fuck it. NEXT. Nice one night stand, though.

From meet to kiss : roughly 30 minutes.