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    Default First Field Report - Absolute Power Corrupts

    This is least easier than the girls before her. Still without a real girlfriend, it seemed that the tables have suddenly turned.

    All these years chasing girls, writing love letters, being there for them, you know, AFC sh1t, were behind me. And this was the girl who was going to lead me into my first PUA adventure.

    Just out of school. Vegas was finally here. Big time AFC, but was improving. I arrived at our hotel- little did I know the next day would propel me into the abyss of pick up artistry. I still don't know if jumping into that abyss has left me better off then before. It must have. My head is a little higher now, despite the emotional pain.

    There she was, Rachel, the sun-kissed hb9 sitting by the pool with her sister. Farkkk...stupid lifeguard piss off. This is my time to shine, not yours. He did - thank farking god. I walk up to them, ask to take a picture with them on my phone (part of a treasure hunt dealio), and DONE. Got her number- she wants the picture sent to her phone.

    Awesome. I've walked this road before. Still don't feel like a PUA. Yet. This was the moment when boys turn to men.

    The next day, I learn some texting game. The whole time I Game this girl I have these forums bookmarked - my eyes go from her texts to these forums, back to texts, back to forums. I'm doing good.

    "Hey I made you look at your phone for no reason - looks like I got you in check " That text should at least get her interested in talking to me.

    It does. First hurdle passed. Fark yes.

    I text her some more playful banter. She responds positively. At one point, I get confused by her text.

    "You keep confusing me! Oh well, its cute, I think its the second most interesting trait about you." God, its amazing how once you know the outcome of something, it changes your perspective. This is NOT cute.

    Of course she wants to know the first trait. Hook...line...sinker .

    "I'll tell you in person. meet me at X tomorrow"
    She's "busy", but she wants me to tell her anyways. "That's not the deal", I say. "My good looks should be enough", she says.

    Fark. Time to kick the pedestal out from under her. I do- she falls hard. At this point, my AFC half is telling me that negging a woman is not how you earn respect. Fark you AFC half, you are oh so ignorant.

    She is now eating out of the palm of my hand. But I am having trouble establishing a Day 2 because she truly is busy visiting all the hotspots of Vegas. If she really wants it, she will come. I just have to figure out how to get her to really want it. Did you know that girls love to role play and talk about their future? My PUA half is smoking balls now.

    There is a moral to this story btw. I'm a literature tutor to grade and highschool kids. When discussing a book, we always find a moral to the story. My field report is no different. Just hang in there.

    "Listen wifey, if you want this marriage to continue, you are going to have to do some work". Girls love this sh1t. I don't- I hate it. But why bite the hand that feeds you?

    After a little bit of role playing and some jealousy lines (I told her I was out finding seven wives, one for each day of the week, and that she became the leap year wife), its amazing how fast she becomes available to see me. This sh1t is golden. This is what being a PUA is all about, right? yes?

    We met. It was short, but it was great. The whole time I feel like I have just tapped into this massive powerhouse of PUA. We continue to text for the entire week we are there. Where at first I was the one initiating the conversation, she wakes me up every morning with a text. I farking love power. It feels so farking good running through your veins. That is, until it becomes corrupt.

    I was a boss. I dhv'd all over her face. Where before she was the goddess on the pedestal of beauty and I was the lowly peasant, I became the god on the pedestal of ALPHA- she just another girl lucky enough to be in my presence. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never forget that.

    I had gone to far. I told her I owned a business (which is true), that I was obsessed with success (getting there), and that my aspirations are high (understatement). Better yet, I have a nice 6 pack. lol. wow.

    She didn't have anything to offer me, other than her looks. And I had shot that out of the water. So now, the tables have turned. I couldn't believe it. The unconfident AFC who just a few weeks ago would have masturbated furiously to her picture is now entirely above her. I was now out and above her league. And she knew it. Fark.

    It's amazing how men value the looks of women so much, only to find out that looks are often the only thing going for her. beauty is skin-deep, right?

    There is nothing unsexier than a girl who went from confident to extremely self-conscience. I hope I didn't fark her up to bad. Power corrupts.

    We left Vegas, said our dues. It turns out she lives 150 miles away from my hometown. Not too bad if I ever wanted to visit her, and we both planned on it. She texts me everyday. Even gets mad that I ignore her for two days. What have I farking done. I'm not here to rebuild her self confidence. A freeze-out is very powerful when a girl does something you don't like. But remember, power corrupts.

    Long distance relationships never work. Especially when the girl knows in her mind that it is impossible for her to get you. Always remember that. And here I was continuing to DHV myself. I didn't think it was possible.

    Sure enough, it was. I was gone for the weekend (no texting) and came back to find out she had moved on with another guy. Not because I was begging for her, going back to my AFC ways, giving in to her demands. But because I was out and above her league. And she knew it. And I had placed myself there. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never forget that. This is the moral of my first PUA experience.

    Did you know that the great thing about life is that there are always opportunities? In business, everyone adopts this as there code of living. Failure is life. Life is failing. But amongst the failure is that glimmering hope of success. Its beautiful really.

    And this is why I'm jumping back into the abyss of PUA.
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