Hey guys new to the forums. Last night was pretty epic, thought I'd share with you guys.

So this girl I met on Facebook that gave me her number text's me out of the blue. She's asking me where I am and if I'd like to hang out. I just got out of the gym and am pretty sweaty and stinky, but whatever I'll just go with it haha.

So we meet up at a park, we're pretty much chillin and talking. She obviously wants me but I play it cool.

I'm feeling pretty gross cuz I'm still in gym clothes so i suggest we go to the beach and go for a night swim. Also so i can kinda rinse my stinky self off. So she lends me a suit and we head for the beach.

We swim around for a bit, when I decide to pull her in and we start making out in the water. A few minutes into being in the water a cop drives by and see's us. He than tells us that the beach is closed and we have to leave.

Whatever. So we jump in her car and start making out again. 5 Minutes into it we see blue lights from behind. We immediately jump back into the front seat.

Cop ends up issuing us a ticket. So we end up driving to the back of a movie theater and go back at it again.

Just thought i'd share my crazy night with u guys. Facebook chicks are crazyyyy. :P