so yesterday i mett a Girl that i have been talking to for a wile.

we went to a starbucks,
we talked alot and i made some funny jokes and i was like always looking strait in to her eyes ( i never look anyone in the eyes not even for 10 sec) so it felt really good and she looked in mine.

i see all that like a big step for myself.

and we talked about stuff and not AFC stuff like weather and jobb ( a litle work stuff) but we have the same kind of work.

and we desided to go to a amusement park on sunday.
right now i dont know what my feelings are for her if its frendly or something more she is really a 9.
and she told me that she have a boyfriend too but he is kinda new.
but i made her laugh alot that evening and we had a good time

my question is i think after geting better at beeing funny and feel conftrubul with girls and look them in the eyes.

the next step is Kino ?? or what shall i get beter at next?
thanks for the help or anything

sorry for some bad english