Went to a club on Saturday night... This was my first time gaming on the dance floor with any real plan so I was excited. The club I was at was a bit empty so my friends and I were just having a good time on the dance floor. As I'm dancing I notice this cute brunette sitting with her friend. After awhile the two girls get up and start dancing. Since I'm not in their area I dance my way to their proximity. I make eye contact with the brunette and give her a smile. She notices, smiles back, and I take that as an ioi.

At this point I was still dancing with my friends but after the IOI I make my way to the girl, and put my hands out for her to take them. She does and I pull her just a bit into my space and then let go. My wing occupies her friend and I'm free to game. After a few seconds I give her a turn and then we're dancing close but not grinding. So far this is all textbook and I'm thinking to myself 'ok, escalate further.' With one hand on her lower back I push her to me and start to grind. No objections so we dance like this for a few. She's smiling at me and we holding eye contact. I don't want to seem desperate (inside i'm like 'OMG') so I step away from her and break the connection. Guess what? When I step back she steps forward - as if she didn't want me to stop grinding!

For a few secs we dance apart then I put both hands on her waist, turn her around and grind her from behind. I can see the tatts on her back and it's f'in sexy! Her hands are on mine and I can tell I'm getting hard as we're grinding. She don't seem to mind! In my head I'm thinking 'what next?' I'm like reading the book in my head and I turn the girl around to face me. I'm being eye farked by this girl and I can tell that attraction is definitely there. I'm actually nervous about f'in this up but I keep thinking this is just practice so who cares!

I bring my face next to hers and next thing I know our cheeks are touching and I have one hand under the back of her shirt. She asks my name, where i'm from, etc. I know I'm not suppose to get into a conversation but I answer her questions. She keeps talking and now I know I can go further with this girl - her asking questions is her way of showing me she's interested, especially since she's trying to talk over the loud music.

When she finally stops talking I look at her (I'm thinking 'what the hell, why not?'), smile, and lean in to give her a kiss. BINGO! She kisses back and now we're making out on the dance floor. I can see my friends out the corner of my eye watching Damn, she's a sexy kisser! The make-out goes on for a couple of songs and then I suggest we cool off outside. She follows but her friend decides to come along. Verbal game kicks in and I go into comfort building with both girls. Where'd my wing go?! Anyways, I can't entertain both forever so I Number Close my target. My friends show up outside and say it's time to bounce to the next place. Introductions and good-byes are exchanged, one last kiss from the brunette and we disappear into the night.