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    Default Number close in class

    So, I'm 34 and just started bartending class today. I'm starting a whole new lifestyle and career path since I tore my achilles tendon in April. Word of advice, don't tear your achilles tendon! It fukking sucks!
    So I walk into class and there is this stunning 24 year old half native, half german 9.5 beauty. She has a long board up against the side of her table and an empty chair next to her. I sit down in the chair and say, "Nice ride." she looks up, smiles and says thanks. We are both wearing driving caps. Perfect. I wait until the instructor takes a break and he asks us to partner up. I immediately ask if she wants to be my partner. She says yes, I'm sitting next to her so really it was convenient and I had not done anything to fuk it up. We start practising pouring drinks and are fluffing about random BS. I look her in the eyes, smile and say, "I really like you hat." fully knowing she's going to giggle and comment on mine. She smiles back and say she was going to comment on mine as well and that she liked it. We immediately decided we will wear different hats tomorrow. The whole class including instructors commented on our hats so I would be an idiot not to push running with that since it's something that is ours and we share.
    Skip to end of class. I make a comment about needing food and she says she is starving. I say, "Well I guess we should go get some food then." She smiles and off we go. Whille walking down the block I hit her with a complineg. I say, "You have a gorgeous smile, did you have braces?" It was so hard not to bust out laughing at the stunned look on her face. She regained her composure quickly and eeked out a, "thanks".
    We have lunch and talk about random crap and she is interested. I pull the photo routine minus the last step because if it goes bad I'm in this partnership for 2 solid weeks and don't need the weirdness. I say we look great together and she agrees. I tell her we must go out together and see some live band s and hit the upcoming fringe festival (common interest) she immediately accepts and gives me her number. Golden!
    Studying needs to happen, we both MUST pass and land good jobs in busy restaurants and bars. So I text her a pop quiz on what's in a Rusty Nail, she answers and comes back with another drink and so on. This is currently ongoing. We have both missed a few and are laughing and giving each other a hard time about it. Solid flirting is happening.
    Okay, so the possible dilemma I foresee is ending up in friend territory. I believe I'm safe from that at this point, but need to build some sexual Tension without taking to much risk of being unprofessional since the bartending community is fairly small and tight in my city. The Fringe festival starts in a couple of days right in the same neighbourhood as the classes so this will be to my advantage I think.
    Thoughts, suggestions, comments?

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