I think this was my 2nd time going out in Downtown Huntington Beach w/ CC since I've been back in the game. If I'm gaming I like bar hopping areas 'cause if you get blown out of every set in one bar you can go next door to another one, lol...

Destination spots are cool but just not my thing unless I'm working the event.


At the end of the night after running the new material and bar hopping the crew ends up back at our starting bar. As we're about to leave there's a bachelorette party and my wing Frank the Tank opens the main girl and I see an Asian chick (Ms. Science) in the group so of course I wing and just start off w/ small talk to occupy.

I notice she's only wearing sandals to the bar so I bust on her for that. We end up talking about where we live (I live in a pretty good neighbor so I tell them I'm kinda from a ghetto neighborhood and not to judge) and all that weird stuff. Once she hears the name of my city she laughs and says, "Real ghetto." I then tell her, "I'm surrounded by criminals...a lot of the "teenagers" like to j-walk. Or the old people run right turn red lights." She laughs and rolls her eyes.

It was a dope interaction so I Number Close and text her right on the spot with - Tall, Pale and HANDSOME!! -Hydro (I always put my name in the first text so there's no Who's This the next day)

When I get to Frank's pad I send my same night text - Milkshakes at 2am are the BEST!

No response...

I chop it up w/ Frank the Tank before I bounce back to Fullerton with Vann and SixPacks house to crash since I was staying at their place to sarge all weekend.

I talk w/ Vann for a bit and then pass out.

We go back and forth about work, working out and the past weekend.

Finally some free time this weekend, jeezus!

...I tell her to meet us at SixPack's house so we can all carpool (I'm a tree
We get there...I know the head promoter he's my boss at some venues so I leave everybody in one line talk to my boss...wave for everybody to come around to the side and we pass VIP, bottle service and general admission and get walked straight in, HOLLA!!!!!

She's a cool chick, she's now in rotation.