Hey ya'll it's been awhile, I been busy out there So just about a couple weeks ago I picked up this girl and her 'friend', cousin, whatever at a local bar I sorta frequent.
It went well, high energy, I 'almost' let her beat me in pool, we bounced to get some pizza then she dropped me off- turns out were neighbors heh.
So I texted her after and that went well, she even said something cheesy like 'I really like your eyes' following 'shit that sounded gay.' That's my type of girl lol.
Then I texted her a few days later, 4-5 actually cuz of work and stuff, and that went well. Texted her a random fact about Denver, and she replied like 'how did you know I like random facts.' It kinda bs'd from there then I asked her to get a drink, she said no it was sorta late for a Thursday, but she 'would love to meetup again.'
So now I'm textin her this inside joke we have about a 'gold bloom' I saw on the news, and tryin to get her out again, but I know she's lookin for work and doubt she'll jump on the chance.
I know you probably hate reading long posts if you're like me so I'll slow up here, any suggestions?
We got some inside jokes brewin, but I don't want to ask her out again and get some bs excuse, even though she's kinda there- I don't wanna look like a pushover and just offer to pay and stuff.
Thanks for readin, peace!