Thought you guys might like this. I've had some great run-ins this week with some gorgeous (and not so much) girls and I want to share some of the hookups i've had.

1- Last Friday we had a fraternity party where we brought strippers. Pretty crazy, but funny enough lots of the girls liked it. Hell, one of these girls is an HB9 who comes up to me and says "you know, i've never eaten out a stripper before " but even when she says this I don't really care too much to # or kiss close her. I gather up a group of people and I set up a game of flip cup and have her as my partner. we keep playing games like this all night. I see her the next day at our neighboring fraternity's party so I immediately grab her and start dancing with her. within 2-3 minutes I kiss close her and head out with my fraternity brothers to head back to our fraternity house. She was a solid HB9, gorgeous light blonde hair, blue eyes, and great body. you know the deal

2- I head to the bars with 2 Fraternity brothers in hopes of having a steady, calm night out. No girls or drama intended, just a good time out. Well that didn't happen.. I walk in and see 2 girls that i'm good friends with so I immediately grab my beer to go talk with them. Once I get there, I realize that one of their friends is HOT. Like, the second-glance, look at that body kind of HOT. I don't pay her attention and I keep talking with one of the girls I know. From there, the girl that I know introduces me to a.. plus sized girl so I politely say hey and go back to the conversation. 5 seconds later, Ms. Plus size grabs my shoulder and spins me around, asking me if I want to make out with her. For like a second, I juggled the idea of making out with a fat chick or not hooking up at all that night so I say yes. Yep, i'm still getting sh1t for it from everyone.. Hey fat chicks need lovin too right?

3- we had a fraternity get-together tonight where the brothers came over to the Fraternity House with their dates so that we could have some steak and wine. I don't have a date so I invite myself to conversations and start making girls laugh/flirt back with me. Surprise surprise, one of the dates is the girl I hooked up with in story 1. Great, I see her whispering and looking at me, so I have established sexual value already with no work. I ignore her though, even though she is starting to more openly flirt with me. From there, I manage to have girls asking me to play pool with them, join them in beer pong, and to have shots with them. One girl in particular is from Kosovo, accent and all. She's gorgeous, so I decide to focus on her and take her and her 7 girl friends to the bars with me and another fraternity brother. Needless to say, I find that she doesn't hook up because she has a boyfriend (confirmed by her friends) so I politely excuse myself and end up opening/closing with an HB9 with a lower back tattoo and a great ass.

Overall, solid week. More reports/hilarious stories to come. Some of these situations i'm in really do get ridiculous