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    So this is my first post, I've been reading the site for a while and I think its time to contribute.

    Met her @ college class didnt run much game other than body language and some solid eye contact with a few seductive smirks ( im a mandime solid ten for sure so it works every time without fail ) im sure she saw my phone blowing up as its hard to hide. After class she slippd me her number without saying a word it said txt me on it... so i did and heres the first convo let me know what yall think!

    After my regular "after school special" ( blunt to tha dome ) i sent her a txt -

    me: So you gunna come out with me tonight?
    her: Who is this?
    me: Way to act like you didnt just give me your number and tell me to txt you
    her: Ohh heyyy sry im a little slow today
    me: Haha its okay ive been workin my ass off allday trying to get my website team on the same page as me.
    her: Website for what?
    me: My bootcamp/personal training site and some other online marketing sh1t too ive got alot going on right now bussy bussy gotta pay these billz!
    her: yep i know how it is
    me: you never answerd my question
    her: um idk i lost my wallet at *local bar* so i dont have my id or anything lol
    me: whoa that sux. Drinkin too much?
    her: yaeh lol
    me: oh boy do i got a party animal on my hands? Please tell me you dont smoke cigs haha
    her: ewww nooo
    her: i dont do that. lol
    me: good. you live on your own?
    her: not right now... you know i was married right?

    *this shocked me haha way too young for that shes 21*

    me: you were married? Really?
    her: yea im getting a divorce now hes been cheating on me
    me: oh your still married?
    her: Techinically yes but were separated
    me: when will it be finalized?
    her: idk not for a while i just found out
    me: oh well hes dumb for cheating on you. as long as yall are separated im cool with it. You gotta be happy right?
    her: are yall good friends or somthing?

    *at this point i had pointed out in a few previous txts i left out due to names that i just saw him on fb and realized i knew him from highschool*

    me: um hell no lol i always thought he was just an ROTC loser honestly haha but thats just the ass in me.
    her: yea but sh1t happens so ehh its whatever hahaha your so mean lol
    me: cant always be nice... nice guys finish last and im actually always first.
    her: so your an asshole all the time
    me: oh no not all the time im actually the nicest guy youve ever met... untill my toes get steppd on
    her: lol i think everybody is like that im a smart ass and a sweetheart
    me: i like that.
    her: lol
    her: so ur going to *local bar* tonight?
    her: hellooo???
    me: um im thinkin bout it but iunno my roomate hasta work in the mornin an i aint seen em in a while so i might just kick it at the house... you wanna come watch a movie or somthin with me insted?
    her: idk im being extremely lazy lol im just laying on the couch in a sportsbra and shorts lol bum style
    me: lolll farkin bum! well you can bum at my house tonight if you dont find your id.
    her: I doubt im gunna find it lol why do you wanna see me
    me: ur farkin gorgeous and i dont have a girl. thats why i want too see you
    me: i dont play games im real with it.
    her: wow lol ummm ok
    me: straight enough answer for you?
    her: haha is there a difference between gorgeous and f*ckin gorgeous lol
    me: well obviously f*ckin gorgeous is way better than just gorgeous so take it how you want babygurl
    her: haha ur so cute
    me: where do you live @
    her: over in *this city*
    her: im not that kind of girl to do stuff or anything on a first date thing
    me: when its that good its worth waiting
    her: ur quite the sweet talker arent you... how many girls have heard that?
    me: its off the top of the dome i never use the same lines twice!
    her: haha yea so i need a pic of u so i can set it as a contact pic
    me: you can take one with me tonight....
    her: haha ur good u lol

    *time passes and i noticed she had a dog on fb so i decided to build some raport*

    me: I just washed my boxers outside! they were so soapy and got off the leash and were running around you could hear them splashing in the mud (it was dark) i was so mad but they were too cute all feelin slimey and soapy
    her: wtf lol hahaha i have a pitbull mix
    me: they just slippd out the colars i was like damn.. how old is it?
    her: hes a year and 9 months weighs 90lbs
    me: thats a big boy wow! mine are boys too the older one is huge about 80 lbs and my baby thor hes 9 months bout 65 pounds i love emm!
    her: i have a siberian husky too hes a runt but hes so protective we need to do a play date
    me: awh yes we do!! my dogs love other dogs
    her: ha theres a dog park in *local city* where exactly do you live?
    me: yeah there is one there huh i have a house in *this city*
    her: ohh gotcha hmm i would like to see you
    me: you can come over.. if you want
    her: its already too late
    me: its ten on a friday hows it too late ur silly gurl
    me: do you have a cerfew or somthin
    her: haha im just being lazy lol i dont wanna change clothes
    me: well who am i for you to get dressed up forr
    her: i always have to look good... u wont like me if im a hot mess
    me: since you brought it up first im kinda a hot mess myself
    her: ur a guy tho u look good with or without makeup
    me: LOL i dont ware makeup!!!
    her: i know im just saying
    me: dont be lazy its friday i wanna do somthing!
    her: do something or someone haha
    me: do somthing... remember what i said about the first date ill wait.
    her: haha you dont wanna date me or anything... dont want u falling in love with me lol
    me: falling in love with you darling... girls use 12 step programs to get over me
    her: haha ur such a dork lol im telling u ill always be on ur mind and its gunna irritate you cuz you cant have me... (yet)
    me: what makes you think you can have me (yet) sweetheart hmmm?
    her: im pretty sure ive matured over the years so i doubt ull be able to resist me

    *she was a few grades lower than me in highschool i always said hi to her in the halls... well all the fine girls*

    me: and im not the same little boy i usta be
    her: lol

    *time passes*

    me: STOPPPPP!!!
    her: stop what?
    me: stop smiling and thinking about me!...see.... your doing it right.... now!
    her: um no lol
    me: ok you got me i didnt wanna act on what i wasssss telling you to stop about...
    her: see your starting to fall... slowly but surely
    me: yeah to sleep haha
    her: oww burn damn lol
    me: put some ice on it and youll make it to nextime
    her: damn lol ur suppose to be a sweetheart to me
    me: i am a sweetheart thats why i recommended some ice for your burns... if you were here ida just docterd you up myself.
    her: your somthing else lol

    *and i left it at that since my lunch date drunk diled me and i closed her to come get on her knees***

    this was all in the first day she would txt right back everytime.. im pretty sure this gurl is in the bag what do yall think?

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    wftragni is offline Aspiring PUA
    Points: 105, Level: 2
    Level completed: 10%, Points required for next Level: 45
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    guess my skillls are on point cuz shes on her way over now thanks for the help guys! hahaha not. I know im a beast.. ill start posting about them all...

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