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    Default A PUA Success Story

    "Does PUA actually work?"

    I heard this statement many times since I learned about the community. When I got in the game, I decided to track my progress. I can't remember why I made that choice, but here I am, about a 1.5 years later, and seeing big changes.

    I'm currently seeing 2 girls. Both are fully aware of the open status of our relationship, and they know how many girls I'm seeing. 2 is enough for me. 3 regulars would be too much work. They also know I'm free to see other girls on the side (which is necessary so I can continue to improve my game).

    Feb-6-2010: BC w/ Soul
    May-5-2010: BC w/ DJ Fuji
    Sep-2010: Started long-term program (CCAP) w/ DJ Fuji
    Feb-2011: Started w/ Psych (under CCAP)
    Jun-12-2011: RSD Hot Seat w/ Tyler, Jeffy, & Julian

    I see my development as being somewhere past the halfway point. I still see much more progress to be made, and of course, right now I'm waiting to see if my lay rate will remain steady, or go up, or go down.

    Last week I discovered Psych's T21C speech wherein he gives his model. This is the model I am using currently, since it is so extremely similar to what I was already doing in-set, based on my own past experience. I'm still working with Psych as my coach. He actually never told me about his model in all the calls I've had with him, which is honorable of him, but I actually wish he had told me about it. I like it a lot.
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