Sup guys. After reading cyc i rolled into the scene ready to rock and roll. Had on ed hardy style sneakers, slick blue jeans, and a hilarious shirt reading, "I'm too scared to talk to girls!", i had a shot of 5 hour power, in the zone!

I rolled in solo though, talking to guys i met along the way chatting it up, giving some love, taking names. When i rolled in to this joint, "Reimert flat", a courtyard surrounded by three big ol three story dorm houses.

Tiny campus by the way, only about 1.3k students enrolled! Like the size of my high school.

When i got in i did a new trick i learned, the two fingered whistle! Entered with a BANG! and immediately approached this really cool guy i know from my dorm who calls me "Swag Steve". BAM! social value!

Approached sets everywhere then. ran into people i know everywhere and asking them to introduce me, etc. It was going good, i was rockin' the venue until practically everyone standing outside knew my name!

There were even a few setbacks i will admit. I noticed this girl that i met during orientation and tried to tease her. And now, upon retrospect, i think i should have tried to be more friendly at first. But anyway

I was talking to a set i knew pretty well when she came up and said, "oh my god, its the annoying girl from orientation! you wouldn't stop calling me the most interesting man in the world."

to her response "yeah, but that was after you said that about yourself!

And by the way, you know i REALLY hate you! like i totally want to punch you in the face right now, but i mean i wont actually punch you or anything, but i just REALLY hate you!"

now you see, we had met at orientation at a phase in my PUA career that i had to get over my over-gaming tendencies. I was really cocky to everyone, but up to the point where it wasn't working for my social value in a positive way at this tiny ass school.

However i can tell that this girl really likes me and just doesn't want to leggo her ego. I'm thinking i should just take it easy and spread my social seed until everyone around her admires me. I'll be conquering this campus soon enough anyway, its so small it shouldn't be another month or so. Actually, a few more days sounds about right xD.

But thats another issue. A frat was chilling in this room with a strobe, some pumping music and plenty of boozed up college kids dry humping. I went in full steam and showed them some sick moves.

However after a while some of the frat boys thought it would be a great idea to start dancing around me really crazy, like getting up in my space without really popping my bubble. Basically putting this freshman who thinks he owns the place back where he belongs.

Upon retrospect, i knew this guy who was cool in there. My man Tyler was with those guys and i probably should have asked him to introduce me. Good to have a reference of course xD.

So after about a couple of hours i decided to leave the venue with a few cool new guys i met in the courtyard. Lols, didn't leave alone...

Not a drop of alcohol before and after. Sign of some solid inner game if i say so myself. But i think i should pace myself more in this tiny place. Either that or i should put in more effort to hook up in the middle of the year, because more than half of my ToI's have already hooked up. That isn't to say i can't get lucky any other time however, or just game them anyway and make them break up. But that could have some ugly circumstances on this tiny island.

Plus i do have a cutie who is totally into me in mind. Its good to have your options open

But help me out guys as soon as you can get back to me. Theres an even BIGGER one going on tomorrow night and i wanna do it right this time! Thanks in advance, brothers!

Stay Zen.