The night started off with me almost completely forgetting about the fact I was going to go sarging for the first time, earlier I told a friend that I would play goalie for her Indoor soccer team a few hours before the game the game it went ok but my mind was completely preoccupied with the game and what happen in the game I ended up completely forgetting that I was going to go out that night.

Luckily my friend Fresh texted me asking what I was up and I had this renew zeal to get ready for the night to start. Now I have been to this bar several times before and there is always a nice showing of woman but I have never really tried too hard to pick any of them up before in times past. The moment I walked in the door I started looking around thinking about the 3 second rule. I saw this group of girls that were talking to just this one guy, one of the girls in the group was eye farking the sh1t out me from the moment I saw her , I would glance at her and catch her looking at me as I sat watching the Football game sitting the table next to us. I just couldnít get the courage to go over there and introduce myself so I ended up never talking to her.
One of our friends was having her Birthday that night so Fresh went to say hi he came back said that they wanted me to come say hi I really didnít want to because I was having too much fun starring at this girl but I went over anyway. BYE, BYE Cutie Red head I thought to myself.
So after saying hi to the birthday girl and the rest of the group of 6ís at best we hung around talking to them just talking bullsh1t stuff, I kept my eye out for group that I would want to talk to after about 15 minutes I spotted a group of girls most of them 7ís but very cute 7ís. Fresh and I went to get drink and as I walked by I made eye contact with her and mouth off a silent Hi and she did the same. We return to the birthday group and as I watched her group walk by us I told Fresh I wanted to go say hi to them we went over there I tap her on the shoulder and told her she look stunning I introduce myself as my real name (DUH!!!) but o well it didnít matter I was still new at this whole new game I have been open up to.

So to cut to long story short I closed with the number I texted her this morning and still have not received a text back but itís only been few hours so who knows. I also pretty much had another number but I farked it up by telling one girl I didnít want her number and I wanted her friends because that girl was busy all the time her friend got upset and I also kept forgetting their names so that didnít help either. So I felt I made progress it will only get better from here on out!!!
Glad to be part this forum and canít wait to learn more and get better at THE GAME.

Chase- From Fort Worth