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    Default Handling Cold People

    So I'm not trying to approach people with openers like a PUA. Instead what I like to do is conjure up a legitimate question that I"m interested in discussing which transitions into an interesting conversation.

    Lately I've been pretty happy with myself as I'm approaching more and more people; in which spontaneously coming up with interesting come backs and conversational topics are becoming easier and natural.

    Anyways, last night I went to a fraternity boxing match and stood at the front row. The ring was small and made up of construction tape at which people would fall out of the ring as they made out in a fighting frenzy. Obviously the first row seats were not the safest place as there was a good chance that you would end up in the middle of the fight.

    Anyways this HB 8.45 (-.05 for the coldness) comes over and sits in the front row, next to where I was standing. " So aren't you afraid that you're going to end up in the middle of the fight? ", legitimate question ... I wasn't really looking for a pick up; just an interesting conversation. She in a coldly manner says "no", so then I try to transition into an interesting topic and challenge her " So if that happened would you just join the fight? " After that she gave me a blank stare and ignored me. Anyways I didn't really care about that, so I went to another frat that had the party.

    Incidentally I recognized one of the girls at the boxing match and ran a similar but varied routine and she was really nice. We had a pretty good conversation until we had to go. I would have called that a success.

    Then today I met a bunch of people in my new class and had a pretty engaging talk with this other girl HB 6, but then when class got out .... I made a last minute comment ( something about being hungry because of the topic discussed in lecture ) but just gave me the cold shoulder.

    When I approach anyone, I don't go in with the idea that I'm trying to pick up ... but rather that I'm legitimately interested in talking to them about something. This keeps my from getting anxious and it works like a charm. I'm pretty confident in myself and the way that I present myself, but I was told that when somebody throws up a Bitch Shield (more or less) its a reflection on you. Though I'd like to say its not possible to get a positive reaction with everyone, some people may just not be feeling it that day. It really sucks because these lassies give off The Vibe like they think I"m there to get some ass, but thats not the case at all. I'm a very social creature and I just like talking to people. I don't know whats your take on cold people in this game, is it always a reflection on you?

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    Default Re: Handling Cold People

    Brada this goes back to being IN CHARGE ,i bet had you been drunk ,dose comments/questions would have gone well ,u must not only be confident ,you must radiate ,confidence ,in a loud ,deep voice ,some times if you do things playfull and not only looking to start a conversation. Another thing is the questions you ask ,something more appropriate would be 'so if dat wer to happen ,wat wud you do?' then after she replys make a cocky statement like 'i bet u would join in ryt'
    Dont have routines as the cards in your deck ,have skill instead ,because once a routine is done ,its done ,you cant do it again in the same interaction ,but skills can be done over and over ,so then you could play a card twice.

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