My mind... it was blown the hell away last night I am still collecting the pieces this morning. I woke up next to two beautiful latin sisters and the annoying house cat, let me break it down, just so its clear. I had a threesome with two hot sisters.

Here comes the contrast... My wife left me recently, i helped her move her stuff out yesterday and in a attempt to distract myself I almost accepted a bj from a guy (craigslist BS, i was looking for a chick i swear) but flaked out before i got there (Apparently i'm a homophobic). I was so down bummed out , A screw-it attitude would be a understatement.

I decided to have a few drinks at a Strip Club being that i hadn't been in 4 years. I walk right up to the bar, next to a 3 set (2girls 1guy they didn't work there) I didn't notice it at the moment, but they where in a really great mood; excited, smiling, bubbly. I guess it rubbed off because before i knew it I was laughing with them, and BAMM! i was in. Yes, I opened with a laugh (crazy huh?). I could sense the guy starting to get a little territorial... So i did what i thought would be the respectful thing to do.... Asked how he new them after finding out that was their brother I accused him of looking like a bad-ass with two chix. He actually ended up instigating the threesome thing. (He was in no way involved)

I left with his sisters with in 45 mins of getting there around 11:30pm.

I have met men who can consistently do these things, but i did not think i could ever pull something like this off. Was it my screw it attitude? zero aspirations for the night? or did the god of threesomes just smile down on me last night?