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Thread: Field Report # 2- Rainy Day Game Failed Close

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    Default Field Report # 2- Rainy Day Game Failed Close

    Hey guys, I'm going to start posting more of my day game approaches since there aren't as many field reports on the topic. I definitely think it is easy to turn numbers/dates into both relationships/girlfriends as well as into sex. For me, I'm looking to take a break from the bar scene and do some actual dating. But for others, you can definitely find really attractive women that might not go to bars/clubs, and when you see a hottie on the street you gotta make a move: you can't assume she will show up at the local bar later that evening.

    As with all of my reports, I try to be detailed as the circumstances and explain what I think worked and what didn't. Even though things don't go my way here, my game is better as a result of the attempt--I'm not afraid to post failures on the site nor will I be offended if anyone replies "man, u suck u have no game". Each failure is a stepping stone to success.With that, here is the report.

    Situation: Girl walking briskly down the street in the rain.

    Approach style: Mixed (somewhat direct)

    Result: Ejected before attempting the close

    I went to do some approaches downtown when it started raining, which never helps. Rain causes people to rush around everywhere: it's much harder to stop a moving target in the rain. There is no point in asking opinion openers and that stuff in this kind of weather.

    So I got creative, and decided I would approach a girl without an umbrella and hold mine over her while she walked (going for chivalry here), and initiating conversation. Harder said then done (I spent 10+ minutes looking) for 2 reasons:

    1. Most girls aren't stupid and bring umbrellas out on overcast days (or had rain gear/ponchos). The rest probably stayed in doors.

    2. Groups of 3 or more are off-limits because my umbrella is really only for 1 maybe 2 people. It would be awkward to single out one girl in a group, leaving the rest of them to get wet.

    So I eventually found a cutie rushing down the street carrying a bunch of books. I literally jogged after her to catch up (from behind and slowed up at the end so she didn't notice) and said "hey it looked like you were getting wet so I thought I'd come and help, how do you not have a rain coat?"

    She explained she was carrying these books to a campus building and that she was a senior in college, etc. etc, still moving briskly. I couldn't really slow her down because it was raining, so the whole conversation had this rushed feel to it. In addition, we only walked about a minute and a half before she said her building was coming up. I didn't have anything good to say in response other than "oh yeah, what building is that." I just let her turn toward the building with a "well, thanks a lot" and said goodbye.

    Two things I could have improved.

    1. Simply letting her turn off was unacceptable: I should have taken a shot at the close regardless, better to go for it (even though I don't think enough attraction was there) then eject. If she says no then so be it, but when you don't ask the answer is ALWAYS no.

    2. I should've teased her and said "why are you walking so fast, you should relax" or "you know I'm not gonna jog to keep up with you, if you wanna get wet then you can run on ahead". In addition to a nice tease by telling her to chill out, it would have bought me some extra time as well.

    So the thing to learn from this is always be persistent. I could've tried to slow her down to get more face time and I could've at least attempted the close. Still, a positive learning experience, as every approach should be.

    Good luck out there guys,


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    Default Re: Field Report # 2- Rainy Day Game Failed Close

    Ha ha Yes!

    Well done man for the balls to go up and do that, especially in the rain!

    Dude, you have to keep this up. I've only read one of your day game field reports but man, you will have this shit handled very soon.

    I also like your use of the umbrella. A nice little locking in prop there, shame she weren't buying in. But you seem to have the correct idea about what to do next, so I look forward to another day game field report!

    Look out for mine! :P

    Finchy x
    Work hard, Play hard players! Oh and Man up, girls like men.

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    Default Re: Field Report # 2- Rainy Day Game Failed Close

    Hey Jkwan,

    I like the way you improvised with the umbrella on a rainy day. And it makes a lot of sense, just going after 1 or 2. Sucks that you didn't close, but I feel you on the awkwardness. Seems like you were trying to do so much in just a few moments. Try to let that time in the rain dwell on your chivalry dhv Game her when you get inside.

    Follw her inside and then momentarily dry yourselves off. Give her a chance to thank you. Pretend you're a little lost looking for the "UPS store", and you were taken off track when you saw her. She'll probably help you with directions (so use a real place). At that point, she just "qualified" for you, giving you a natural opportunity to ask her to join you for a drink later.

    Anyways, great story man and looking forward to the next one!

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