Hello guys, so here it is, my first established day game field report out of many flakes, fiddles and fails. This could be called a success in the eyes of a fool who just wants approval, but it could have been a whole let better! Enjoy!

p.s This was done a few days back.

Weather: Sunny
Group: Mixed 3 set (2 girls, 1 guy)
Opener: "Fashion sense"

Ok, so today I approached many many girls, each one taking their time to answer my opinions. But not all of them attracted enough to seal the deal. (This was before I discovered other ways to open).

Then there was this awesome 3-set that I had met later in the day (and mixed 2-sets, 3-sets and 4-sets are the best!)
and they had extremely great fashion sense so I immediately came up and said "Hey guys! I've got to ask, where do you shop for your fashion? It's extremely zany and cool, I love it!"

You could see straight away that one of the girls was right into it and so was the guy, which was awesome. However, the hottest cute girl seemed a little shy. But for the next 3 minutes, we talked and enjoyed a surprisingly helpful conversation. Then after our little chat begin to die down, I stated "Damn, Is she always this quiet?" and the group began to laugh including the hot girl.

Now something very surprising happened, the girl began to talk and the way she flirted and teased with me after that definitely meant something was going down. But then I flaked.

All the game has taught me so far, was to approach girls, how to approach girls, and how to start a good conversation. But it didn't teach me how to close. So, at that moment in time, I froze. Not physically, but mentally. I no longer knew what to do and this situation in front of me slipped from my grasp.

I learnt something this day. And that was, if you are having good approaches or any approaches at all, then bloody hell man, learn some close game! :P And also just have fun.

So feel free anyone to comment and tell me what I could have done to finalise this agreement, because so many approaches have now been conquered, but so few closes.

Finchy x